The Journal of Prince Studies
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The Journal of African American Studies devoted its September 2017 issue to Prince. You can read and/or download all the articles at the journal's site.
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Thanks for this.
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Yeah this is amazing. I knew I chose the wrong subject for gradschool. PhD in Prince, that has a nice ring to it.
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Hypothetically, if a person were to be interested in Prince but find academic language insanely stultifying and those titles like buttchugging a litre of mogadon, which of those articles might be the best and most interesting?

Asking for a friend, obv.
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Is this available in hard copy?
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The journal has a Print ISSN of 1559-1646. I poked around the website to see if there was an easy to find physical copy order form but I'm not finding one quickly.
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It looks like this is a portal where you can start to find a hard copy to buy.
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