SPFBO3 puts self-published fantasy books and reviewers in the spotlight
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The scoreboard for the 3rd annual Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off has been updated to show that a 10th novel was chosen as a finalist this morning. A denser page charts the history of the event, linking to reviews of the 300 submissions, noting semi-finalists with a + sign, and highlighting finalists in green. The event is administered by Mark Lawrence, whose novel Red Sister (Tor.com review) is among the most popular traditionally-published fantasy novels of 2017. 10 fantasy fiction bloggers work throughout the year to select 10 self-published novels that all 10 will read. Their criteria can be quirky. Their favorites in the end can be near unanimous or a bit mixed.
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I still haven't read any of last year's Self-Published Fantasy book winners or runner-ups. I have to admit that I have enough prejudice against self-published books that I'm afraid they are going to taste like badly prepared vegetables, so I'm reluctant to try them. (I did buy and read Red Sister.)
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Maybe instead on just assuming you should make an effort to try reading even just one of them?

I have been pleasantly surprised by some of just years entries. But all are great, but I didn't read any that were worse than conventionally published fantasy I've suffered.

Indeed, I really appreciate people like this acting as filters for the tide of crap that comes out of self publishing.
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