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Even in these trying times, there is a constant: doggos. They help Baltimore kids improve their reading skills and compassion. One helps a girl with a rare genetic disorder get around (video). They help the families of children with disabilities live more comfortably in a challenging world (video). And one helps an autustic child simply be comfortable.
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To clarify:

What is a doggo?

An adult pupper.
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Dog for president!
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The Dogs of 2017 video by @dog_rates made it very dusty in here. Dogs are good.
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Glad to see doggo replacing doge as common designation for "kyooooot dog". Doge was too breed-specific and unclear in pronunciation. Still, with the popularity of Star Wars' porgs, I'd like to see corgis relabeled as "corgs".
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Uh - duh - sorry - Read the post, slipthought!
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Oh my God, that pittie in the Baltimore article!

And what is a pupper?

A little tiny doggo.
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What sweet dogs.
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What is a doggo?

An adult pupper.

I respectfully disagree!

My doggo hasn't been a pupper for several years, but she's still MY pupper, and will always be a sweet lil' pupper. When my doggo rolls her eyes at me because there's chicken scraps over there, and not here, then she is obviously a poor sad little starving pupper that needs immediate helpings of chicken to avoid entering a doggo depression, causing her to lay down with her back to me while heaving deep pupper sighs of melancholy because of human fickleness and betrayal.

They're all good puppers, Splunge.
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The Dogs of 2017 video by @dog_rates made it very dusty in here. Dogs are good.

I'm now totally in love with the story of the guy who found two pups in the middle of the Arizona desert a year ago and rescued them.
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Dog - OH yes?
not doe -go?
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I don't mean
to seem like
I care about material things
Like a social status
I just want four walls and adobe slabs
For my girls doggos.
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Yes, DOG-oh.
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awww, reading doggos are the best! Kids who are slower readers are totally comfortable reading to dogs because dogs are not judgey and are just excited to be talked to! And all the fast readers are totes jealous of the kids who get to read to the doggos.
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