"It would be silly if it were still this vocally pure soprano"
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I love this woman. The article is great but she is a singular performer, no matter how much her vocal range has narrowed.
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That was the part of the interview I liked best, where she says "It's frustrating until I remember that I don't need that, and that what I have is still unique, although it's different."
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"It's frustrating until I remember that I don't need that, and that what I have is still unique, although it's different."

I went to a lecture/master class by the guitarist John Abercrombie a few years ago, and he said something similar - basically ,that he couldn't play technical things that he used to, because of arthritis: "...so, I play other stuff". Seems like a good way to handle old age.
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I was born in 1966 to parents who are about the age of Joan Baez. Her music has been part of the atmosphere my whole life. We sat around the piano and sang songs from her songbook. I've heard the songs from her Dylan album more in her voice than in Dylan's. I bought my parents a copy of her 75th birthday CD, and they went and saw her perform live after my suggestion. The report back I got was that they enjoyed the show.
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Joan Baez's music always reminded me of my sweet, tender first wife, who loved it dearly.

Fast forward to 1984, I live in Copenhagen, and going through my 3rd divorce (with a woman who was just as sweet & tender) which hit me hard. Lots of bad things happened to me that summer, and I nearly took my own life. At the same time I went to a Bob Dylan European Tour concert which Joan Baez opened. (It was the "Renaldo And Clara" period).

It was raining lightly, and before the end of the concert, a double rainbow suddenly appeared behind the stage, like a new hope.

The next day I was walking in the center of town, and who do I see coming toward me, if not Joan Baez herself. I was so far out that I approached her and started crying, trying to explain what she symbolized to me between all the loves lost, desperation and hope. We hugged, and she kissed me on the mouth.

This changed me: 2 months later I sold my house, put my books in storage, gave away all my things, and left Denmark for good for the USA.
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My all-time favorite science fiction movie, after all these years, is "Silent Running", an improbable tree-hugging eco-story set in outer space and an incredible mix of unique talents, directed by Douglas Trumbull, who had been responsible for the special effects on "2001", written by Michael ("Deer Hunter") Cimino and Steven {"Hill Street Blues") Bochco, starring Bruce Dern in the one performance for his skill in over-the-top batshit-crazy characters was perfect, with three small robots whose performance inspired Star Wars' R2D2 (according to George L.), and with music by Peter Schickele, best known for his classical parody "P.D.Q. Bach", and including two songs sung by (I'm getting to her) Joan Baez that never fail to make me cry even now 45 years later. In fact, I can't listen to any Baez song without thinking of little robots managing a greenhouse in space, and that's just fine with me.
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She has a beautiful, sensational voice, and it's good to be reminded of it. Thanks.
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oneswellfoop, that's bananas. I had no idea that existed! Thanks!
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oneswellfoop: Yeppers, possibly the most perfectly executed "message" movie ever made, and one with a really, really good message.
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