Did you get sugar in your eye?
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Kids trying pastries! Also, barbeque, expensive foods, British food, and so many more suggestions. Fighting about regional barbeque optional.
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Everything needs more frosting.

Wise words, young lady. A sentiment which which it is difficult to argue.
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I kind of love all three of the "kids trying foods" channels you can find. This is from Bon Appetit, but there's also the videos the Fein Brothers do, and then there's one by the Cut channel. My favorite on Cut is the one with kids trying different candy from around the world, where one thing the kids try is Finnish salty licorice and one kid comes up with a remarkably specific description: "It tastes like raisins dipped in beef."
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I love these. I watch them when I really need them. I've watched them a lot lately. One little girl who's not in any of these is so adorable it almost makes me jump up and down with general joy for life when I see her.

Thanks for the links EmpressCalipygos. I have a feeling I will need to watch all of these a few times before the next 4 years is up.
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I love the “expensive foods” video. These are great.
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(super-opinionated snooty grumpy mode)

The only thing I don't like is when the producers start trending towards using super-young kids just for the "cute" factor. I love the girl in the "expensive food" one who's a young comedienne (she's the one who talks to the lobster, saying something like "so you're delicious, and I'm sorry but that's the way it goes"), but the pair of kids trying the shrimp cocktail together, one of whom is a little girl of no more than like three or four and pouts and says she doesn't to eat it kind of...doesn't impress me. It feels like they're going for the "if it's a cute kid, it doesn't matter what they say or do" factor. I'd just as soon see a kid being clever or funny than see a kid just being "cute".

Fortunately there are plenty of kids in all these videos who are cute and funny so good.

(super opinionated snooty grumpy mode ends)

A friend has a daughter who's about seven or eight; I often hear about her because he absolutely dotes on her. Lately he's been talking more about how she's been getting super into food and cooking, to the point that she's mainlining episodes of "Chopped Junior" and actually trying the beginnings of kitchen experiments of her own (the last time they made French toast or something, she wondered, "ooh, Dad, I wonder if we could try putting orange zest in with the butter?" or something like that). I think I may send him some of these links to show her.
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Never had kids and never will - this is a great substitute.
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I also liked the chronology in the Bon Appetit ones, and now I'm watching the other channels too:)
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The English one has a Sunday Roast with popovers. Who on earth calls Yorkshire Puddings popovers, is this an American thing...?
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Julian, no.
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I dunno. My kid only likes cheese pizza. Her best friend in the whole world likes linguicia and pepperoni and double cheese pizza. My kid loves anything I make with shrimp so long as it's not hot and spicy, and whole-belly clams and lobster and her bestie hates shrimp, lobster and clams.

Meanwhile, as a grown adult, I tried and loved sashimi 20 years ago. Maybe children aren't the best arbiters of taste, unless you really like Sour Patch Kids?
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Who on earth calls Yorkshire Puddings popovers, is this an American thing...?

Kinda, yeah. "Yorkshire Pudding" isn't known about as a thing, and Yorkshire pudddings are very akin to popovers, so.
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"She says it's *too much sugar*. Which I don't believe in."
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Okay, in 30-plus years on this earth, I can count on one hand the number of times I've briefly wanted children, and watching those videos was one of them. More specifically, I want to adopt that child who says, smiling and overwhelmed and a little teary, "I never get sandwiches with cheese so this is the most favourite thing in my life" because ARE HER PARENTS MONSTERS POOR CHILD I WILL GIVE YOU ALL THE CHEESE SANDWICHES YOU WANT
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There's no savoury food for the 1970s Britain section because there are laws against cruelty to children now. I wish such laws had existed in 1970s Britain.
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Huh. So I guess I know the US name for. Yorkshire puddings now.
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I’d question some of the decade choices but microwave chicken Kiev really is the food of the 80s.
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A branch of my family immigrated from Yorkshire in the mid-19th century, and popovers are a family tradition. I never made the connection to Yorkshire pudding until right now.
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Thank you for these. I'm stuck at home with a cold and they are delightful!
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The barbecue one is just fantastic -- hitting all the notes between adorable and surprisingly sophisticated.
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