Queer Kid Stuff
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Queer Kid Stuff - educating kids on LGBTQ+ topics

I stumbled across this today and can't stop watching. Very well done explanations aimed at kids, but definitely suitable for allies who have a hard time wrapping their mind around it all.

From the website -
"The pilot episode, which launched April 20th, 2016, tackles the subject; What Does Gay Mean? A simple enough subject, but you would be surprised the amount of young children who might not know the answer to that question. Queer Kid Stuff was awarded a grant from the Awesome Foundation to fund production for a full season of 10 brand new episodes which debuted in Fall 2016 covering topics including non-binary genders and trans* identities, marriage equality, feminism, and queer themes in children's pop culture."
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I was gonna make a comment about, but why not just show them Steven Universe, and then they already had Steven Universe popsicle puppets, so yeah, I'm good.
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Cheers! Will be passing this on.
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Steven Universe is really great, but it's still sad that we still have to hide the Queerness in a "They're genderless aliens" sandwich to get the network to eat it. We should be past that by now, but honestly I don't think we're even past "Exposing children to LGBTQ+ topics turns them gay."
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Oh ok I needed to cry about something good today bless this show bless this YouTube channel
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Also I immediately gained a crush on the host as soon as I saw them in a tie
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Oh jfc don't read the comments on any of the videos
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