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GOES-16, NOAA's relatively new atmospheric monitoring satellite, comes with some neat animations.
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Obligatory -- I can see my house from here.

Also, I appreciate that these loops aren't limited by the lengths in the dropdown menu; editing &length= in the URL lets you get even longer loops.
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The NOAA site is way more likely to stick around for a while, but for right now, I like using the College of Dupage's views of GOES data.

Also a minor note : for a while, you had a few different views of satellite data - GOES-EAST, GOES-WEST, and GOES-16. Right now, you just have GOES-EAST and GOES-WEST. The reason behind this is that GOES-16 is a satellite name, and that GOES-EAST and GOES-WEST are positional names. From 2010 to 2017, the GOES-EAST position was filled by GOES-13, where it provided official data while the nearby 16 satellite was still in testing. In December, it traded places, so 16 is now officially GOES-EAST, and 13 is in 'storage orbit'.
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Oh, yeah. GOES-17 is scheduled to be launched next month!
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The University of Wisconsin also has GOES-16 imagery and animation.

It's maddening that NOAA only presents the imagery in such small sizes. Does anyone know a NOAA site with larger images?
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Does anyone know a NOAA site with larger images?

Well you can always grab them yourself!

I have all the parts sitting around the house to do this, I just need to actually get my act together now and build the thing
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I use this NASA site. You can make your own URL and bookmark it for whatever image you want.
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I LOVE GOES thank you for posting this!!!!
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How is NOAA's budget these days? A year ago the vandals were threatening to cut a lot of the budget, then later it looked like at least GOES funding was protected. Haven't kept up with what's been happening lately. Perhaps privatizing, so you'd have to pay to look at the GOES images?
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The NOAA budget request, which is DOA, calls for a 20 percent cut, gutting climate change research, marine and surface observations, the tsunami warning system and the Sea Grant program. The National Weather Service portion only gets an 8 percent cut, but that includes nearly 250 weather forecaster positions. On the other hand, the government spending deal that was reached last week allocates $100 million to the NWS for computing infrastructure to improve weather forecasting.
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From geostationary orbit the earth appears to be the size of a dinner plate held at arms length...must be nice...
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