Tanlines for Children
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Electronic pop duo Tanlines have released a record of children's standards.
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this is kind of great
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My kids might be too old for this now, but I'm not.
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This post broke my brain for a moment.

I honestly thought for a moment that someone was using tanlines on the bodies of children to measure standards of modesty or dress style.
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This is better than it should be. Jamming to it at work and NOBODY MUST KNOW.
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Bought "If You're Happy and You Know It" immediately.
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This is good, though I was hoping for some peanut butter jelly time.
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Hahahahahaha ... this is weird and charming! Thanks!
Tanlines are a New York City-based electronic pop duo who have toured all over the world. They have two albums, Mixed Emotions (2012) and Highlights (2015).

Right now, they are both stay-at-home dads who made a record for their kids (and your's) ;(
For more musical context, here's a sampling of their albums on Amazon: Mixed Emotions (2012, Amazon exclusive version with a bonus track), and Highlights (2015).

They're also on YouTube and Soundcloud (mostly samples, or available with Soundcloud Go).
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First kid is due in a few months. This will do nicely.
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