The beat goes on
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In this computer animated short, the space-rock duo DEATH VAN tours through a miniature world inhabited by surreal creatures that are haunted by a menacing and mischievous entity.
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That was weird and inventive. Good to know that even in a surreal miniature world, rock centers around the mullet.
posted by ejs at 12:23 PM on March 4

It's kinda nuts that this was done with Blender - ie freeware, even though it took him a year and a half. There's also a 360 vr version.
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I poked around on the Blender link and found an old, old friend. "You seem to be trying to make a 3D model..."
posted by lagomorphius at 5:11 PM on March 4

Moral of the story is NEVER underestimate the drummer. They are the primordial guardians of the eternal, mind-blowing rhythms.
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