The Mystery of Miami Mike: SOLVED
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Over the years, many people have seen the infamous Miami Mike screencap. But what’s the story behind it? After all this time, we’ll finally have some answers! Join me & my guest Pat, former co-worker of Miami Mike, as I explain how I found him and interview him about his now infamous boss. Learn about how anime stores worked in the 90s, being a fan back when anime wasn’t as accessible, and the answer to the question, “Just what DID he do at DragonCon?”
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tl;dr--it's not what you think. Go to about the 32-minute mark in the podcast after reading timshel's "additional background" link to find out what a fansub is.
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I'd love some spoilers if anyone has listened through!
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I'm old enough to remember a woman who would print out the fanfic of others, go to kinko's and have it spiral bound, then sell that shit at DragonCon.

Because the internet was newish.

In other news: some of us remember this when it happened and we are old.
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The best part to me is that the first time Miami Mike heard about this beef was when one of his customers came back to him with a tape saying something like, "Did you see what this tape I just bought from you is saying about you?"
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I'd love some spoilers if anyone has listened through!

I just started listening to a few minutes starting at 32 minutes in, but it sounds like Miami Mike and Ctenosaur were both at a con, Ctenosaur traded some video tapes of anime they'd fansubed to Miami Mike in exchange for some merchandise (model kits, figures, wall scrolls) he was selling at the Con. Then, at a later con, Ctenosaur was probably outraged to find Miami Mike was selling copies of the fansubs he'd traded Ctenosaur for (in addition to the fansubs that he'd already been selling at previous cons).
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Even Miami Mike didn't know for sure what Ctenosaur was mad about, so the answer in the podcast is speculation (although speculation from a friend of Miami Mike who had spoken with him about it).
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Ah, conventions in the 90s. The glory days, where slimy vendors would charge far too much for a 9th-generation VHS copy of a "lost episode" or a blooper reel.
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