"Using the Power of science. Science! Science!! I like it."
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The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry is a BBC Radio 4 show and podcast that features Dr. Adam Rutherford for Biology and Dr. Hannah Fry for Mathematics answering everyday science mysteries sent in by listeners.

There are currently 9 series of 5 episodes each, where they take on vexing questions like

What makes things sharp?
Does nothing exist?
Why do songs get stuck in your head?
What was Kate Bush's sonic weapon?

Along the way, enjoy Rutherford getting stuck in traffic, Fry falling into a black hole, and a coffee maker that sounds like the opening for the White Stripe's "Hardest Button to Button." All in the name of science.

You can listen to the broadcasts at the BBC 4 site, and the podcast versions (which seem to have extra material) at your favorite podcast location.

Adam Rutherford previously
Hannah Fry sort-of previously
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You may also have seen Fry on the Numberphile Youtube channel of the University of Nottingham amongst others.
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I love this podcast! For fans of BBC science podcasts I would highly recommend The Infinite Monkey Cage as well.
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Two thumbs way up... what makes a knife sharp is pretty awesome. In school I took a bunch of materials engineering courses - and when they hit the portion on obsidian - man... its a pretty awesome substance.
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