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Self-referred as a hybrid form of Krautrock, neo-psychedelia and art punk, Suuns' 2013 release Images Du Futur, featured 20/20 and Edies's Dream. Their latest Felt, according to Pitchfork, "sees the four-piece loosen up and let slip the forces begging for release since their debut". The first three songs for a taste: Watch You, Watch Me, Look No Further and X-ALT.
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But... Suuns are so good! Really excited to give this new album a proper listen.

I saw Suuns play at Sled Island music festival in Calgary in 2013. They played in the basement of the Palamino, a country/rock bar. It was the most evil and tense set. Just... malevolent. They extended Edie's Dream for what felt like 10 minutes, just playing the same two chords of the middle section until the whole crowd was both in a trance, and desperate for something to change and break the tension. Absolutely wild. The next day the entire city flooded and every downtown venue closed. The music festival was cancelled. I felt like they brought the dark clouds of torrential rain with them.
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