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We learn from history we learn nothing from history, so the University of Wisconsin's dropping it. And English. And Philosophy. And Sociology. Y Español.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This is framed in a way that obscures what is actually happening - drop us a line to discuss whether it's fixable. -- restless_nomad

What are they keeping? Cheese making?
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Union Busting and Randian Studies, I guess.
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Dropping Humanties but keeping Marketing? If there's a better distillation of the downfall of human society I can't think of it.
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For heaven's sake, if this isn't the last push anyone needs to join a revolutionary socialist party, I don't know what is. Time to organize or shut up.
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Sounds about Wisconsin.
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Every day Wisconsin disappoints me more and more.

Oh and in case you missed it, a fire fighter was arrested for "threatening" Bad Scott Walker on Facebook.

Here's some Good Scott Walker - Montague Terrace (In Blue)
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In the interest of accuracy, this article details potential changes to the majors offered at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. When most people use the phrase "University of Wisconsin" as used in the OP, they mean the flagship school at University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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Feom the article:

The University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point has proposed dropping 13 majors in the humanities and social sciences — including English, philosophy, history, sociology and Spanish — while adding programs with “clear career pathways” as a way to address declining enrollment and a multimillion-dollar deficit.

From UWSP’s website:

Established in 1894 as a teacher's college, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point ranks among the best colleges in the nation when it comes to quality education and job placement.
91% of alumni report starting careers or graduate school, from studies conducted in 2015

The career pathways seem pretty clear already, no?
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I object to the way this post is written. It should be clarified that we're talking about the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, a medium-sized regional campus, and not the entire University of Wisconsin system or the institution's flagship university in Madison (which is what I think most people mean when they say "University of Wisconsin"). I think it's important to be clear about which institution we're talking about and note that the politics and finances of one campus, including a regional campus, can be very different than those at other campuses, the flagship campus, and the system as a whole.

But a discussion of whether this is a good idea at this particular institution and whether it's being done in accordance with accepted practices is entirely in order.
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The plan to cut the liberal arts and humanities majors (see full list below) is in line with a failed attempt by Republican Gov. Scott Walker in 2015 to secretly change the mission of the respected university system — known as the Wisconsin Idea and embedded in the state code — by removing words that commanded the university to “search for truth” and “improve the human condition” and replacing them with “meet the state’s workforce needs.”
That idea sounds like it came from a bad dystopian novel.
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Stevens Point graduates people in fields other than natural resources? Who knew.
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Obama Photographed Kissing Boyfriend At Harvard Game
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