Climb a mountain, fall under a curse?
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Climb a mountain, fall under a curse? The ethnic spirituality of the Ibaloi tribe meets Philippine environmental politics as President Macapagal makes plans to take a mountain-climbing trip to Luzon's highest peak. While I understand the environmental concerns involved, especially with her entourage of suckups local gov't officials, there's definitely something amusing about the line, "cursed by Pulag’s pantheon of Ibaloi gods." Nice pictures from Mt. Pulag here. I've been there once; it's worth the climb.
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'Residents also forbid trekkers to engage in any intimate activity there. “Even a kiss is forbidden," a Pulag guide told the Inquirer.'
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Is Macapagal the last name preferred by Philippine media? Here it seems to be Arroyo.
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Philippine media uses her maiden name and married name interchangeably. The tendency is to use Macapagal because there's another unrelated politician named Arroyo.

Ah, forget it. No one's really commenting, so I think this post can be written off as a crappy link. :P
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