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Maunday, Toosday, Thursday, Saturday... The special effects of the Godfather. How did they rig Santino's tollbooth demise? How did Moe Greene get shot through the lens of his glasses? Great reading for any movie or special-effects geek.
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That was a great read. I never really noticed how much work goes into effects before, and you can kind of guess how things are done, but you don't know for sure. Summary: F'n good.
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"'You've got nearly all the time you want, you will have all the money you want to spend, let's kill somebody in a manner that's never been [done] before"
And I particularly like the "Shooting in New York" photo essay.

Movie making is so cool when you see the end product and even when you look at how they did it. But, it's not much more interesting than watching paint dry while the movie's actually being made (the scene of the shooting of Joe Montegna linked to above took a good part of a day, mostly because the DP was waiting for the right light, but on screen the scene lasted for less than a minute). btw, awesome link!
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This is a brilliant link, thanks.
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