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Symphonic and psychedelic pop band The Polyphonic Spree perhaps reached their zenith with their second album, 2004's Together We're Heavy. (It picks up where the first left off) Side A: Section 11 (A Long Day Continues/We Sound Amazed), Section 12 (Hold Me Now) [video] posted by hippybear (5 comments total) 11 users marked this as a favorite
I enjoyed the first two Polyphonic Spree albums immensely, then there was that whole not-entirely-ironic uniforms thing. But that's not the story.

Sometime after Together We're Heavy The Polyphonic Spree did a Big Day Out tour, which happened to coincide with my flat-broke, music-festival-cheap-jewellery-market years. The boss I had at the time was a great believer in... uh... workplace enhancement. So, for my one-hour break at the Melbourne BDO, I had planned (as any good brain-frazzled experimentalist in the early oughts... ought to...) to get my face drilled off by Kid606. And planned my evening appropriately.

However, Miguel apparently viewed the BDO tour with the appropriate amount of disdain, and was CDJ'ing AC/DC covers (I don't know either...), so me and my mate headed to the next stage over, where The Polyphonic Spree were just kicking off.

Look. I'm not recommending the combination of uplifting probably-not-a-cult pyschedelia and greasy tweaky biker speed... but...

What is it with me and music threads right now?
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This recording of the Polyphonic Spree is for me the canonical example of that strange and imo highly infrequent phenomenon where a band performs a song (ok, technically two songs) live somehow infinitely better than they ever sounded on the album
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I've only seen the Spree live once, but it was on the tour for this album. They were awesome and Billy Bragg joined them for the encore, in robes.
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Hippybear turned me on to the Polyphonic Spree at a Metafilter meetup (he had a burned CD in his car that ran out and got and gave to me.) That was a real gift as their music was super helpful in getting through the shit I was going through at that time.
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I had planned (as any good brain-frazzled experimentalist in the early oughts... ought to...) to get my face drilled off by Kid606.

Because he brings you the fucking jams.
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