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The Data Science Community Newsletter is a "weekly data science newsletter featuring data science news delivered with humor & snark plus an always popular Tweet of the Week." Curated by Laura Norén and Brad Strenger , there is a strong focus on how university, government, and industry data science and ethics (or perhaps the lack of ethics) affect our world.

(All links from the archive are PDFs in dropbox, but don't be fooled by the simplistic format. If you're interested in data and the world, an occasionally disturbing amount of time can vanish into each newsletter.)

Dr. Norén also teaches the Ethics of Data Science course [pdf] at NYU, and occasionally guests on podcasts about data science ethics.
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Well, boo. While the NY Times article on data ethics is interesting, the last link should go to here.
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Thank you for posting this! I create monthly data science collections for my institution and this is going to be invaluable for really exploring all of the different subjects that fall under that umbrella. I can't wait to dig in.
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I have attempted to discuss ethical considerations of code in organizations I worked in. In one (large, household name) organization, folks refused to discuss the (potentially obvious) ethical considerations of their code (ie: people could/would die). They refused to discuss such matters in private, one-on-one, let alone larger organizational discussions about such matters.

I'm not too optimistic on the near-term possibility that software engineers will leave university with any sort of ethical framework to base their work on. As it stands its pretty rare they have a clear understanding of the importance of QA, of security, of privacy, of UX, or even how to engage in effective business communications.

While I appreciate that newsletter, a dropbox with a series of PDF's seems like a shitty way to archive and distribute information (although the information in the first one I opened was worth reading). Seriously, a series of text files on an actual server would be much more useful (eg: indexers could read them). It's super hard to take seriously the efforts of a data-science publication when they fail at the first thing they are doing (distributing a newsletter). I mean no offense to them when I bang my head up against my desk seeing their newsletter deployment, however.
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Stuff like this is why I do MetaFilter. Thanks.
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