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Mitzi Shore, owner and founder of the prestigious Comedy Store in Los Angeles, standup career broker extraordinaire, and mother of Pauly Shore, passed away this morning aged 87.
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In terms of cultural impact, she has to be up there in the top ten of the 20th century, right? At least in the US.
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A legend.
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two outa three ain’t bad.

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In terms of cultural impact...

Perhaps in more ways than we recognize, even after reading the list of comedians that got their break with Shore.

The aftermath of The Comedy Store Strike of 1979 laid the groundwork for comedians getting paid in clubs, which set off the comedy club boom of the 80s-90s.
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Yeah, you really can't talk about American comedy without getting to Mitzi super quick. I missed the news that she was in hospice. The world is better for her having been here.
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A LOT of showbiz obits lately, like (via Mark Evanier) Don Pitts, agent to a generation of voice-over talent, including Mel Blanc, June Foray and Orson Welles. The people who help the creative people be creative (and make a living at it) are as important as many of the creatives... they may not get a 4-hour documentary, like Garry Shandling, but they're deserving.

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Whoa. I've only heard her described in the past tense and kinda thought she'd already passed.
I've heard her brought up several times in the last week, just through coincidence. Shandlings doc , something Seinfeld related and a old Bill Burr podcast where he interviews Maron.

Huh. I cant think of any common reference through comedy as big as her.

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Huh. I knew of her but had never made the Pauly Shore connection. Those sorts of connections explain a lot about his oddly successful career.
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