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In 1997, Trent Reznor put together a fever-dream of a soundtrack album for David Lynch's film Lost Highway. Over 20 years later, it still has the same power it had when first released. [If you can listen to this album as a single work rather than broken up, I recommend that.] Side A: I'm Deranged (Edit) (D. Bowie), Videodrones: Questions (T. Reznor), The Perfect Drug [video] (Nine Inch Nails), Red Bats With Teeth (A. Badalementi), Haunting & Heartbreaking (A. B.), Eye (The Smashing Pumpkins)

Side B: Dub Driving (A.B.), Mr. Eddy's Theme 1 (B. Anderson), This Magic Moment (L. Reed), Mr. Eddy's Theme 2 (B. A.), Fred & Renee Make Love (A. B.), Apple Of Sodom [images NSFW] [video] (M. Manson)

Side C: Insensatez (A. C. Jobim), Something Wicked This Way Comes (Edit) (B. A.), I Put A Spell On You (M. M.), Fats Revisited (A. B.), Fred's World (A. B.), Rammstein (Edit) (Rammstein)

Side D: Hollywood Sunset (B. A.), Heirate Mich (Edit) (Rammstein), Police (A. B.), Driver Down (T. R.), I'm Deranged (Reprise) (D. B.)
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One of my fav Trent songs. And I should def give the whole soundtrack another listen. It’s been decades.
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The conjunction of NIN Bowie and Lynch was an affirmation of my loves that made me feel like I did have a place in the world.
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Great soundtrack! I always loved the story of David Lynch describing the sounds he wanted to Trent Reznor. I think it resulted in the 'Driver Down' song (at least that's what it sounds like to me):

Three minutes later, he's saying: "Well, let's go in the studio and get started." Then he'd describe a scene and say, "Here's what I want. Now, there's a police car chasing Fred down the highway, and I want you to picture this: There's a box, OK? And in this box there's snakes coming out; snakes whizzing past your face. So, what I want is the sound of that – the snakes whizzing out of the box – but it's got to be like impending doom." And he hadn't brought any footage with him. He says, "OK, OK, go ahead. Give me that sound."
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It would have been better had 4AD not refused to license This Mortal Coil’s “Song To The Siren”, necessitating its replacement with NIN’s “The Perfect Drug”, which does not actually appear in the film.
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driver down is one of my favorite reznor instrumentals, and as far as i know his only use of saxophone in a song until 2013.
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Such a solid soundtrack. Amazing. I bought the CD when it came out, though I can't remember why. Likely I was enamoured with The Perfect Drug. I lent the CD to one friend, and a different one returned it weeks or months later. It was passed around so much.
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David Lynch sucks, though.
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David Lynch sucks, though.

What Lynch creates is definitely not to everyone's taste.
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I believe the Song to the Siren refusal was in Blue Velvet, and that he worked with Julee Cruise for the first time as a result.
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Because “Song to the Siren” was not on this CD, I had to try and find it without buying It’ll End in Tears, because I was a poor freshman college student. I asked around on Usenet for availability, and someone pointed me to a newsgroup which had binaries of highly-compressed song files available.

And that’s how “Song to the Siren” became the first MP3 I illegally downloaded. (I did eventually buy the TMC CD during a freshman-year goth phase that included Sandman and My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult.)
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I wasn't that impressed with the film, but that soundtrack! Oh that soundtrack!

Listening to it in my Tulane dorm room as I smudged black eyeliner and tried to figure out what clothing would match the weather (because we weren't those East Coast Goths who wore piles of black velvet and then collapsed of heat stroke walking to the Crystal, because while all the bars and clubs were air-conditioned, the outside was not).

Biting my lip in delight as Trent Reznor swans around with absinthe and cravats in a Edward Gorey pastiche, even as QuickTime buffers.

Drinking handfuls of tap water from the disgusting ladies' room as Marilyn Manson plays because I only had $15 and most of it went to streetcar fare, getting into the club, and I'm saving $5 for coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde at 4am, getting powdered sugar on sweaty black t-shirts.

Man, I know what I'm listening to tomorrow at work, wearing all black and dark lipstick, remembering my old goth days.
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The Barry Adamson stuff on this album got me to buy two more albums. Super sinister and jazzy. An intersection I don't think has been sufficiently explored. His recent stuff is good too.

I was also heavy into the drum n bass scene at this point, and loved Bowie's take on the subgenre (the title track is edited heavily for the soundtrack - here's an extended remix). Listening to Earthling after this was a disappointment. And while I could care less whether I hear the Marilyn Manson or Rammstein stuff again, this soundtrack convinced me their creative output held some value. Thanks hippybear!
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Wow, I had forgotten about this. I bought this CD from one of those 8-CDs-for-a-penny-if-you-buy-3-at-regular-price scams because there was very little on the selection list I cared about, but I was in the most intense David Bowie obsession point as a teenager that happened to coincide with that period just before Earthling through just after Reality when all his old stuff was out of press, so literally anything available I would buy if I could. The vocal-forward version of I'm Deranged is arguably the superior version, though.

Still have not seen the movie.
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That was the first time I heard a Rammstein song and I had to buy Herzeleid next.
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I've always thought "I'm Deranged" was an underrated Bowie classic. When those first synths kick in at the 30 second mark, they alter the whole melody, recontextualizing the menacing opening bass line and suddenly making it emotionally expansive. Every time I hear it I appreciate it.
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Never saw the movie, but listened to the soundtrack a ton.
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The conjunction of NIN Bowie and Lynch was an affirmation of my loves that made me feel like I did have a place in the world.

Then I hope you're aware of the NIN remix (which actually occurred in several versions) of Bowie's "I'm Afraid of Americans", one of my favorite latter-day Bowie songs. It's not directed by Lynch (the credits are to "Dom and Nick"), but it is quite good, and has Reznor in it.
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Then I hope you're aware of the NIN remix

Oh god the rabbit hole is much deeper than that. NIN opened for Bowie on his Outside tour and they did a set together as a transition (no break between opener and main act), and here is that transition. It's not the version I was searching for but there it is. It's literally Bowie and NIN performing together, as they did throughout 1995.
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Definitely a fine soundtrack.
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And honestly, Bowie singing harmony on Hurt may be the best version of reality that has ever existed.
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I was already a fan of Lynch's movies, NIN, and Bowie, and remember seeing Lost Highway when it came out, really enjoying the Reznor/Bowie collaboration in the soundtrack. It just made so much sense for those two to work together. I was initially annoyed by the movie, how arrogant it was to make this movie that didn't make any sense. I think my comment upon exiting the theater was "great style, but not much substance." But I couldn't stop talking about it for the next few days, and actually went to see it in the theater a second time, and grew to really appreciate it. Ever since then I've been "all in" when I watch Lynch's creations, even his more abstruse, eye-roll inducing stuff. Lost Highway has a fantastic soundtrack.

When Bowie passed, I was really moved by this article: Trent Reznor Reznor Recalls How David Bowie Helped Him Get Sober
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Love this soundtrack. The other 'mixtape/sound collage' soundtrack by Reznor (that I know of, anyway) is the one for Natural Born Killers, also great. I know Reznor didn't invent this style of soundtrack, but I don't think anyone's done it better.
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as far as i know his only use of saxophone in a song until 2013.

I'd tell you to listen to Purest Feeling but I'm not sure you'd thank me.
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Fun fact: Trent has never had The Perfect Drug as part of a NIN setlist because he's afraid the drummer would die.
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Even more fun fact: Ron Zertnert.
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I'd tell you to listen to Purest Feeling but I'm not sure you'd thank me.

i guess i meant officially released stuff. i believe he also busted out the sax for his sets with bowie on the Outside tour.

i actually really dig parts of Purest Feeling (the album) but yeah that song is dire. i think i’ll always prefer the demo version of Down In It with the horror movie samples and even whiter white boy rap.
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I figured Trent wouldn’t play The Perfect Drug because it is an absolutely awful song, maybe the worst out of his entire discography. I still like to listen to it, but man, it’s really bad. And the video was even more hilarious. Trent as pre-professorial Severus Snape. In fact that song sounds like Snape wrote it immediately after Lily hooked up with James.
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Yes, a fantastic record!
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the perfect drug is a parody of a NIN song, i mean the lyrics y'all. and then the beat is all "hey everybody, have you heard of this new drum n bass thing? It's cool!"

i still love it
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LMAO. YES, that is exactly it. It is a cliche from beginning to end.

I always felt like Starfuckers, Inc. was the song TPD originally tried to be, at least musically.
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Trent as pre-professorial Severus Snape Since the movies came out years later, I thought it was the other way around.
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The first Harry Potter book and TPD were released within months of each other, with the book having been started years before, so I can’t see how that would be possible.
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(I just watched the video for the first time in ages. So much why. Why is he halfway behind a curtain? Why is a guy in black knee socks lying underneath a giant pepper shaker? How’d you get the Vampire Armand to agree to be in a video?)
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Even more fun fact: Ron Zertnert.

It's hard to believe that his real name is a real name, to be honest.
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Lost Highway continues to be my favourite film, profoundly flawed as it is. The soundtrack is a big part of that. I remember walking out of the cinema and going pretty much directly to a record store to pick up the soundtrack.
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It throws me off big time when I go inside a bar and there's an air conditioner that says REZNOR on it.
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