[squirrel] mother and [squirrel] child reunion
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After a baby squirrel fell down their chimney, a Vancouver couple reunited it with its mother by putting it in their backyard and playing baby squirrel sounds from a YouTube video to attract her. "It was amazing. Within less than a minute of playing this sound, we saw this squirrel dashing across the neighbours' yard. Like on a mission," Woo said. "We were both crying because we didn't know the mum would come, and come so quickly." She swung by, looked over the baby and then scooped it up. They both scurried off together. "I'm not sure we'll see them again but it was an amazing reunion," Woo said. "I was bawling my eyes out because it was so beautiful." CBC has a link to the video of the [squirrel] mother and [squirrel] child reunion.
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No I would not give you false hope
On this strange and mournful day
But the mother and squirrel reunion
Is only a YouTube away
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I just googled "squirrels carrying babies" because I was trying to figure out how that mama squirrel was picking up the baby, and I found these photos, which are also adorable:

Photos of mother squirrel moving her babies are both endearing and empowering
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(I've asked the mods to add a non-Facebook video link in the post, as well--when I first drafted the post, the CBC had an embedded video.)
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Say what you will about modern Internet culture, but how cool is it that when a human couple realizes that they need to play baby squirrel sounds ASAP to save a life, they can find them within a 30-second YouTube search?
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So cute. Willing to overlook the Amway box!
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The squirrelbabs in the "moving house" photos are so big relative to their mum. Like picking up a twelve-year-old and bodily carrying them to the new house.
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That non-Facebook link isn't the same as the CBC's.
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I_L_B, you will laugh, but I actually googled the couple to see if either had connections to Amway before deciding to post. (I didn't find any--I'm hoping they chose the box from their communal cardboard recycling bin because it was the right size and shape.)

Argh, thanks Johnny Wallflower. I will get the mods to remove it. Sigh.
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Mod note: Edited the post; let me know what you wanted, if that's not what you had in mind.
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Yeah this is a synthetic Siri-esque robot lady voice describing still shots from a video that MIGHT be heartwarming, but is actually kind of creepy when presented this way
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The current link to a video is a weird robot voice playing over still images of a squirrel and some white men giving business presentations? So that seems wrong.
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It seems like the CBC still has an embedded video -- does that not work for people?
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Mod note: I've replaced the youtube link with the CBC link lazuli posted -- again let me know if you want something different, OP.
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That is great, thank you LobsterMitten--sorry everyone for the weird non related video!
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Awww, these are some really excellent people.
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So the squirrel video was interesting but that Facebook video is the real gem. People (or robots) on the internet are weird.
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So... Did the mother squirrel just put the baby back in the nest, which is still in the chimney?
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I don't think the nest was actually in the chimney, just in a nearby tree...I think the baby squirrel somehow got away from the nest and then fell down the chimney.
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