A Life in A Day of Touring.
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A Life in A Day of Touring. It's essential for any band who have the hopes of making it big. It’s a very huge step that requires much resilience and responsibility…blah blah yadda yadda. (from Sound the Sirens)
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F minus.
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McDonald's? Mom? Toblerone? Damn kids today....

Gather round, children, and listen to the legendary Country Dick Montana pontificate on the subject of touring. As you do, picture him at his last show, in his big black leather duster and cowboy boots, larger than life, slumped over the drum kit. His little heart, dispossessed, had stopped.
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I hope this is all part of an ongoing trend of breaking down the wall between the front of the stage and back.

The sooner the world at large realizes that being a rock star, at any level, is a job, the better. Destroy the irony of a thousand kids (biggest show I've been on) doing anything, then the show ends and you get to see if anybody stole your stuff from the hallway full of empty liqueur bottles that passes for backstage. Maybe at one time you could trash a hotel room to get out some kicks, but with modern deals you might as well just trash your own place, it'd be cheaper.
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Dick Montana........
Ha! That is great. Just one condom though?

Add to that raiding the hotel maids' closet, coveting toiletries and doing the McDonalds Happy Meal Currency Exchange.
MCE = McDonalds has terrific pricing schemes to reflect local currency rates. Convert your home Happy Meal price to the price of the local Happy Meal (domestice or international) and you will get a pretty good idea of how much more or less you will pay for food in the place you have landed.
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I saw Country Dick Montana playing once with Mojo Nixon. He slopped whiskey on me and wanted a piggy back ride through the crowd. No fucking way.

Still, it was a great show...
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F minus

What, you're grading posts now?
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their tour was one show at some resort? huh?
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It’s a very huge step that requires much resilience and responsibility…blah blah yadda yadda.

Cut. Its a wrap.
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