Look! Onscreen! It's two O's! It's two b's! No! it's Nerd Boy! In ASCII!
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The Adventures of Nerd Boy was a 635-episode webcomic drawn completely in ASCII which ran from 2001-2006 (with the last two strips drawn in 2007 and 2016). EOF
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I like an artist that appreciates my bandwidth limitations.
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That said, I can't seem to read past Episode 30, the navigation links are broken, and the main nerd-boy url goes to a php error. Mods??? Help???
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On mobile it is one long scroll and I love it
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    I like it.
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> It's two O's! It's two b's!

This needs an NSFW tag.
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Hm, yes, I'm seeing the entire run now. The navigation links are still broken, though.
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