Malaysia GE14
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Malaysia votes on May 9 and almost every projection has Barisan Nasional, the ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Najib Razak, claiming electoral victory for the 14th consecutive time. o be precise: This coalition or a predecessor has governed Malaysia (and before it, Malaya) for over 60 years, without a break. Barisan Nasional and Co. probably is the longest-ruling political alliance in the world. But Wednesday’s election — hashtag: #GE14 — is being called “the mother of all elections” for other reasons as well.
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I was hoping some Malaysian mefite would do a GE14 post, but didn't see any, so decided to put one up. If somebody is in the midst of preparing a much more comprehensive one, please post that and have the mods delete mine. Thanks!
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A glimpse into the future of the U.S, a few decades hence? It almost seems that American politicians are using men like this as role models, and taking their fledgling baby steps in that direction.

(At first skim, I was surprised at the hidden dark side of the internet movie database)
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I'm a frequent visitor to Malaysia, especially the tech hub of Penang island. There, the government is run by the opposition party, Pakatan Harapan. In Penang, PH has a rocket as a logo - I could see them assembling gigantic roadside rockets out of oil barrels and plywood the last time I visited around when Razak called for an election. Penang gets crapped upon by the national government, so my friends and colleagues tell me.

Here's the thing: the election was supposed to be a consolidation of power for Barisan Nasional, which was riding on high popularity. This has not been the result. Though Razak will likely remain PM, it will be by a very slim margin. Some polls have called it a toss-up. Those of you thinking of parallels to the April 2017 snap elections in Great Britain would be on the right track.

Results are still rolling in as I type this (despite the government saying that final results would be tallied 30 minutes ago). All is not lost in Malaysia. The cracks in BN are starting to show.
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Following on Malaysiakini. Pakatan Harapan is well ahead of Barisan Nasional right now, around 70-60.
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Straits Times:
Malaysia's one-time prime minister turned opposition leader Mahathir Mohamad has accused ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN) of deliberately trying to delay the announcement of results.

Tun Dr Mahathir said at a press conference on Wednesday (May 9) night that opposition pact Pakatan Harapan (PH) has "practically" clinched 112 of the 222 seats, which will allow them to control the Parliament, but the Election Commission is refusing to endorse the results.
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Isn't Mahathir saying there will be shock win?
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This will be fun.
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Official results from Malaysia's national election show the opposition alliance led by the country's former authoritarian ruler Mahathir Mohamad has won a majority in parliament, ending the 60-year rule of the National Front.

The Election Commission says the opposition has so far won 112 seats and the National Front has 76 seats.

The opposition is also sweeping state elections, including Johor state where the dominant Malay party in the National Front was founded.
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There, the government is run by the opposition party, Pakatan Harapan. In Penang, PH has a rocket as a logo

No, Pakatan Harapan, like Barisan Nasional, is a coalition of parties. It's the only way a viable political system can form thanks to the racialised political framework bequeathed to us by the British. The rocket is the logo of one of the component parties, DAP (famously itself a Malayan chapter of PAP, back when Singapore was part of Malaysia), a multi-racial but in custom, Chinese majority party, and they're the major governing party in Penang. Different PH states have different composition, which distinguishes it from BN, where a BN state is more often than not synonymous with UMNO, and the why for that is also a key factor in understanding tonight's results. Long story short, non-Malay interests haven't had a proper voice in BN for a while now, since at least 2008 when the first cracks started to show, and BN lost their 2/3rds parliament majority. PH (or before this Pakatan Rakyat) knew tht they needed to crack the Malay vote. And before this 1MDB scandal, they probably would not have, and Malaysia would, quite honestly, see a political landscape where Malay-Muslims were captured by the establishment coalition, while the rest flee in droves to the other side, whatever that is.

But the key is Mahathir for the most part, and the UMNO old guard he brought with him. It's been interesting observing my friends and family. The last time I saw this ambivalence, was in 2008, amongst the Chinese, who broke for Pakatan in record numbers (and BN never recovered them). And I'm talking about not just young Malays, but older Malays, the ones who went through and benefited from the positive affirmative action policies, the ones who accepted a certain amount of corruption is probably necessary to maintain the Malay 'presence' in politics. And I don't know still if this is the best result for us. Okay, we swept out BN. To replace them with old BN. Arguably the old BN that led to this new BN. I don't know, I just feel bittersweet. I don't give a shit how much Mahathir cried. I still remembered being 17, in boarding school, in the dorm, when my classmates were shouting and running from door to door, about Anwar being arrested.

But if anything you guys need to read, it's this: The amazing race for Malaysia, across the world. They really stacked the decks against us. I've got friends who literally got their postal ballots a day before voting day. The mid-week voting day, which led to another organic movement to GOTV -- I paid for a couple of tickets, got friends to chip in for more.
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And hell, let's talk about the Election Comission and the dereliction of duty that they have committed. It took BN two chairman changes, did you know? Two chairmen back, it was the EC chairman who held off announcing the state government results in Selangor, when it became apparent that collectively, PKR, DAP, and PAS had enough seats IF there was a coalition (which was never planned, never announced, because these three main parties are too different, which is also why it fractured just before this election) to form the state government. It was that fateful decision that birthed Pakatan Rakyat.

So BN knew how much EC can or cannot do. As we saw in this one.
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Oh my, cendawanita’s “amazing race” link is quite the read:

“As soon as our runner touches down, he’s meeting about 50 people. Most of the ballots will be collected from him, but some are not so straightforward – they’ll be going across the country. Some have two or three more locations to get through after the airport, and I know there’s one person who is meeting the runner at the airport to take a ballot to Sarawak. We engineered these chains using Facebook, friends of friends, reaching out to strangers. It’s very haphazard.”

The trust that voters were willing to place in virtual strangers, Chai noted, was a sign of how much the EC had failed the ordinary Malaysian. Courier services have received so many phone calls from Malaysians eager to vote that the courier company DHL’s offices in New Zealand began referring them to the Postal Voters Discussion Facebook group.

That’s an astonishing display of official incompetence and grassroots effort.
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I can't find English reporting yet, but the Federal Reserve Unit launched water cannons at some Pakatan supporters celebrating in Putrajaya. But tht's over for now. In the meantime lots of opportunistic viral posts about racial riots -- a very useful boogeyman employed consistently to shy people away from considering any political alternatives, after the KL race riots of May 13 1969. (i believe Singapore has a similar national boogeyman but I can't recall the date). on that note, congrats PAP! That means Singapore is the country with the longest-serving political party in power.
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That’s an astonishing display of official incompetence

It's not incompetence, it's very much deliberate.

Like cendawanita, i fear that this election will result in a literal case of "meet the new boss, same as the old boss", but my family in Malaysia is trying to be optimistic, viewing any change whatsoever as probably a step in the right direction.
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Wow! I'm shocked that Razak failed at fixing this race for himself. Cheers and congrats to all the Malaysians who made such an effort to vote--the "race" article linked by cendawanita is really interesting. I hope things go well for you all.
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just to note, Razak is his dad. Malays don't have surnames, our naming convention is like Arabs. Najib should be known as Najib bin Abdul Razak, but Malaysians typically drop the bin/binti in daily use (unlike Arabs). So just Najib is fine.

(now, if we're talking about Chinese Malaysians, then the surname is the one in front -- and we're the Chinese that still practices three-part names unlike the typical Mainlander name)
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A Malaysian friend and colleague of mine has never before voted, because her entire adult life she's lived various places overseas. She flew almost literally from the other side of the world a couple weeks ago so that she could vote and organize for this election. I know she was supporting one of the opposition coalitions, but I'm not sure which one. I'm looking forward to getting her take on everything when she gets back.
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This is absolutely amazing. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition and then another.
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Yeah I'm kind of bemused about the number of articles I've read in western press citing this as a huge win for democracy in Malayasia - seemingly they have completely forgotten about Mahathir's clampdowns, the arrest of Anwar, the fact that Mahathir was running against his one-time protege.

I mean, I think it would be hard for anyone to top that level of corruption, but I think the jury is still way way out.
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I will confess, the only reason I made this FPP was to lure cendawanita here so I could read her comments
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Oh I'm sure the admin that's on their way out is giving their best try. Despite my misgivings on Mahathir, in a significant way this has been a real win for the people. They did everything they could to depress turnout, not to mention a massive redelineation exercise that concluded just before GE14 is announced. Yet, apparently even on a midday election, the reported turnover is at 80% (I'll need to confirm and sincerely I want to thank mefi for making me a better informed observer over the years in the practical aspects so I was counting on a wave election).

It's not over yet. Being a constitutional monarchy, the PM must be sworn in by the Palace*. Mahathir's heading there in half an hour. Likely though, he won't be allowed in, and the Palace has announced there won't be any swearing in today. As it is the King is apparently not in the country. BN in the meantime will finally hold a press conference in 2 hours. The goss is that the King isn't advising one way or another, and Najib refuses to concede. We're in holding pattern and I don't know what's next - I'm saying this in view of the fact that the successful political parties in the country are also quasi-grassroots organisation in practice and network. There's a lot of potential agent provocateur action in the next couple of days in the streets.

*Let me register my extreme shock at this state of development. The royal houses (we have 11! Which rotates for the national kingship) needed BN's way of doing things to keep everything profitable for them. A major reason I always thought why Bersih, the electoral reform group's agenda to appeal to the King, down to adopting the royal colour yellow, to be quixotic at best.
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Yeah the thing I am most worried about is how the transfer of power will take place. Najib knows that once he loses power he is dead. I was wondering if he was already on a plane to Saudi Arabia last night.

The true test of democracy probably begins now.
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I was semi-joking that we should be keeping an eye to the sky once it was clear he was never making a public appearance last night.

Oh I should fill you in on what we're all speculating on based on past history as we wait for this BN pc: whose seats are being bought off. This rly isn't the first time BN has lost their grip on power but never so decisively. Traditionally they have been rly successful in buying off MPs and state reps to change their party affiliation (eg Sabah just after the 1994 ge and Perak in the 2010s where basically reps just switched allegiances without the messy work of going through elections. If ppl had been skeptical, history has been the reason why). So now we're buzzing over who's being actively courted right now. PAS is a likely bet, being in the enviable position of winning two states and acting as spoiler for a third. Sabah's Warisan as well, that recorded major wins last night, and are formed by former Sabah UMNO folks. Sigh. What a rich country I'm in. I'm seeing figures like RM20 million per person. But that's just goss.
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didn't manage to vote (am on the other side of the world). a lot of nuances to think on. but i think i am glad about this outcome considering the alternative. strange to contemplate Mahathir back as PM while LKY (often seen as his counterpart across the causeway decades ago) has passed on. proud of malaysians that rallied together to get their votes in - this grassroots spirit and collective ground-level activism is so malaysian, and one of the reasons why i'm proud to be malaysian.
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Ugh the press conference is bare nonsense. Najib conceded the election results but he's going with the narrative that no party has a simple majority (following on the established technical fact that PH wasn't recognised as a formal party/coalition and it's PKR that's the majority party). He's now thrown the ball into the King's court, for him to decide who shd be PM. Absolute bare nonsense.
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Najib: I accept the verdict of the people (providing you with a writeup instead as the original pc was in Malay)
In his speech, Najib pointed out that no party under the unregistered Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition won a simple majority on its own.

Citing from the Federal Constitution, he said it is up to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to appoint the next prime minister who he believes has the support of the majority of members of Parliament.

Video of the responding press conference by PH (in English mostly) (a writeup) - say whatever you like (and I do), the man gives good copy and sass.

What Dr Mahathir's shock Malaysia win means for economy and markets

Malaysia’s markets face short-term pain after shock power shift

The 10 biggest losers of GE14

Malaysia's political earthquake is rich with irony
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And China's investments and its practices (no knowledge transfer and China migrant labour being brought in and not integrated into society being particularly sore points) is also a big flashpoint. In fact, the extent of the Chinese investments in Johor has been attributed to be a big factor to the fall of Johor, notable because it's a stronghold considering it is the birthplace of UMNO. What it has meant for the internal racial relations however have been interesting, and I think we see similar antipathy in Singapore as well amongst the nanyang/Southeast Asian Chinese towards PRC folks. Such that even PAS, an Islamist party with a Malay identity, were fielding non-Muslim Chinese candidates: The limits to identity politics in GE14 -

Fifth is the transference of “anti-Chinese” sentiment from Malaysian Chinese on to the PRC. ISMA, PAS and Pakatan parties (especially Mahathir’s Bersatu) have been attacking UMNO and Prime Minister Najib Razak for “selling out” Malaysia to China, amid a sharp increase of Chinese investment and development projects in Malaysia recently. The key difference is ISMA often links “anti-China” with “anti-DAP” rhetoric, while PPBM appears to be “anti-China” but “pro-DAP”. In a few ceramah I attended, Malay leaders from Pakatan Harapan repeatedly conveyed the message that Malaysians, regardless of their ethnicities, should be united to end the kleptocracy and to save Malaysia from China’s intervention. By doing so, they make a clear difference between Chinese nationals from China and Chinese Malaysians.

Such a configuration is different from what happened during the Jakarta election, where we saw the overlapping usage of asing (foreign Chinese-nationals) and aseng (a derogatory term for ethnic Chinese in Indonesia). Such asing-aseng interchangeability puts Ahok, Chinese Indonesians, and China into the same box. In contrast, in Malaysia, the rhetoric of “anti-China” yet “working with Chinese Malaysians” has prevented the spread of “anti-Chinese” sentiments among Malay Muslims.

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lmao how the turntables... i was worried for Sabah MPs to switch allegiances, but they have... in the other direction (reporting in Malay). basically the 5 MPs from UPKO is leaving BN to join Warisan (the Sabah opposition party), DAP and PKR to form a state govt.
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That's really interesting. You're right in the clear distinction here in Singapore between local Chinese and "PRCs". I wonder whether it will be the encroaching of China that finally catalyses a true ASEAN identity to emerge.
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I must say though that China's soft power has been growing tremendously over the recent years, with many Singaporean Chinese increasingly influenced by their state media... Anyway, this is a derail.
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"I accept the will of the people! unless really actually I don't have to, it would be awesome not to, please your majesty don't make me, i'm trying to bribe some homies as fast as I can"
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derail away, i feel like in this we're peas in the same pod. i am very curious to see how singaporeans are reacting to the developments.
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I can't speak for everybody, but people I've talked to are mostly feeling cautious and waiting to see what things will be like wrt the new government. Dr M has never really been very friendly with us, so there's a worry relations might turn sour. Some of our joint projects like the HSR seem to be in jeopardy. But on the other hand, I get the feeling that a less pro-China Malaysia would probably be better off for Singapore in the longer term; Najib and co seemed to be ready to turn Malaysia into a Chinese vassal, and that would be quite uncomfortable for us.

On the other hand, the progressives here probably feel a bit cheered that regime change can happen, and so maybe one day the opposition here will be able to win too.
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My sister-in-law, who is from Borneo (she is of Kadazan-Chinese heritage ) seems very buoyed by the change in government. I must confess that I know almost nothing about Malaysian politics but I am somewhat skeptical when “change” means a 92 year-old former ruler with a history of authoritarian actions.
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There was also this gem on Facebook:
I know that some people would see the surprise defeat of BN in Malaysia as a sign that likewise the PAP would be defeated in the next GE.

If you understand the context, you will know it is an unlikely scenario. The Malaysians essentially voted in someone, who, though authoritarian, can get things done, someone who has a proven track record as a former Prime MInister.

The Singapore equivalent would be voting for Lee Kuan Yew again.

Which, we had already done.

Back during GE 2015.
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I am super salty and super skeptical of the return of Mahathir. It was during his time that a lot of the anti-Bangladeshi sentiment started - and in a really disingenuous way too, telling Bangladeshis "oh we have Muslim brotherhood!!!" only to then go on and on about how we're rapists and robbers and who knows what. It's the single main reason why my schooling years were the hellscape that it was - because clearly as an 11 year old I was responsible for the supposed sins of my people, suuuuuuure.

PH basing their last election campaign ENTIRELY on "Bangladeshis are phantom voters!!!" discouraged me from voting, even though that would have been my first election EVER - I didn't get Malaysian citizenship till 2011 on my 26th birthday. Yet trying to talk to my supposed progressive friends about this just gets me "but it's tru tho" (*eyeroll*) and "your worries are irrelevant we must depose the tyrant first". I wrote about anti-Bangladeshi sentiment for an independent left-leaning Malaysian news source a couple of years ago and almost all the comments were hostile.

Hell even TODAY I was told that my concerns do not matter because I've never been a political prisoner (as dour as Malaysia is, I'm pretty sure they won't be into child imprisonment). And that's just the race stuff. No accountability for homophobia, no accountability for ISA, no accountability for anti-Semitism. It's just one tyrant replaced with another and we're supposed to just "forgive and forget".

(I didn't vote. Partly it's because my registration didn't take, but also when your options are We Hate People Like You and We Hate People Like You who the hell are you supposed to be voting for?)
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from the only person I know who seems to get where I'm coming from:
Can we also not worship Mahatir?

Like he didn't propogate so much of Ketuanan Melayu, weaponizing Islam against non-Malay Muslims, while also having Indian heritage himself?

Also, the xenophobia in Pakatan's campaigning... are we just going to pretend that that's not there?

When immigrants are still the target of our abuse, our scapegoats when we criticize our corrupt government's actions, as if it's not another attempt to pit marginalized communities against each other?

Just because his corruption wasn't as blatantly done as Najib (his now so-called "ex-protege") that doesn't mean he didn't enable and reinforce a system of corruption to begin with.

Let's not forget the role he played in Queer-antagonism as a scape goat against Anwar Ibrahim, and the policies put in place that targeted members of the Queer Malaysian community, especially Queer Muslims. He used Syariah law to justify Queerprejudice in order to arrest and imprison Anwar.

***He was in office for 22 years of those 61 years Barisan Nasional was a ruling party***

Sure he cries now and says he's repentant... which you can believe is genuine or not, but it still stands that he is NOT and NEVER will be our "saviour".

Like Trump and Hilary, it was a matter of choosing the lesser evil, and yeah, celebrate this small victory, but for a lot of people living in the margins, this will be such a small difference -- there is no pretension of this being anything more but an overdue, necessary step forward, and maybe the possibility to even hope.

It took 61 years, and he helped 22 of those years to reinforce racialized, and religious division. I'm not about to lie to myself, and I don't think any of you should either.

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Hell even TODAY I was told that my concerns do not matter

Haris Ibrahim was up to his usual racist nonsense but at least this time I saw a tiny bit more pushback this time around, as well being used (deservedly) as fodder in mainstream media. There's still a reckoning pending to be sure but I definitely saw less of this this time around in the usual suspects even if there persisted still reports of dark-skinned Malaysians being stopped and asked for their ID.
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this is bittersweet victory. sad that the only way you can kick BN out of power is by electing a former BN PM. it's like choosing between the devil you know and the devil you knew, but decided to forget about his being a devil.
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Anyway I spoke too soon earlier re: Sabah. Frog action: activate! It's now back under BN control. What's the point of voting might as well just lobotomize everyone
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destrius, the rumor now is that Najib's wife was in Dubai on election day. guess he's joining her there.
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I've been trying to think of a good US analogy... The best I've got is that it's like Ronald Reagan arising from the dead to defeat Donald Trump.
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And even then I would dare say the Malaysian counterparts are far smarter and cannier.

Bank Negara says financial institutions, forex markets closed

I guess this is the confirmation to the speculation running around about why the call for public holidays to run until Friday tomorrow if PH wins? Anyway, apparently it was to make sure no extraordinary financial activities can take place before the new govt is sworn in. On that note, it's interesting that the Chief Secretary of the (caretaker) govt did go ahead with the announcement after all, considering the wrangling that was and is ongoing.
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(extraordinary activities like capital flight or last-minute transfers and laundering, I GUESS)
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I thought they were closed so full-time paper shredding can take place?

(It's 6pm, no announcement from the palace yet?)
posted by destrius at 3:10 AM on May 10, 2018

Well, that would probably still happen regardless, lol
posted by cendawanita at 3:12 AM on May 10, 2018

last minute palace coup? NOC?
posted by ahundredjarsofsky at 3:13 AM on May 10, 2018

What's NOC?

Anyway the current national king is Kelantan, but a couple of the other state sultans have issued statements either that they have nothing to add to the matter and will not interfere (Selangor) or that the new govt must be sworn in by today (Johor), in response to goss that it's them in the council of rulers who's leaning against Mahathir.
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national operations council - the post-1969 emergency government. I mean, I'm glad if nothing else that the specter of racial riots isn't hanging over this transition of power.
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lollll ohhh, i don't use that acronym, that's just MAGERAN to me (majlis gerakan negara).

i'll be honest, ever since 2008 ppl seem to love entertaining the worst-case scenario tht BN rhetoric encourages despite evidence to the contrary every time.
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ok, self-correction, ever since 1969 as I mentioned earlier in the thread. but from 2007-8 onwards, despite the multiple rallies, the multiple elections, it turns out malaysians are pretty chill. (tak sia-sia aku kena tear gas)
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Official statement from the national palace. Wow, it happened. We did it.
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wow. watching the swearing in now. still a bit holy crap, this is happening.
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Mahathir back to clean up house as he claims? Lets see how this all plays out. It was heating up when I was in Singapore last month and all over the Straits Times "World" section (so cute ;p)
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I went on Twitter just now and get divabat's irritation: the adulation of Mahathir is quite over the top and makes him sound like some faultless saviour of the people. Reminds me of LKY's funeral...
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Yeah my friends and I are quietly throwing up in our mouths and trying not to pay it any mind
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I appreciate the presence of salty Malaysians in this thread

destrius: that’s literally the analogy I’ve been using.
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i never cheered so hard for a geriatric to stay alive long enough to be sworn in and sign the damn declaration of the authority to form the new government.
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'Queen of Dragons': The inside story of Malaysia's election fixer - As Malaysia votes, the country's most prolific fake news creator reveals her story. Syarul Ema ran a successful misinformation operation for seven years
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Turns out, if you piss off Malaysians enough with structural barriers and difficulties, even a midweek election can have an 82 percent turnout.

BREAKING! Indonesia-originated plane scheduled to pick up former Malaysian leader and wife

Brought to you by: Malaysia’s BN-friendly media adopt more factual tone after Pakatan win
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first link broken, cendawanita. Pakatan had much better ground organization this time, it sounds like - the vote-running, ballot-checking ops made a difference.

I'm in KLIA2 now and can verify they are not passing through this terminal, at the very least.
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No, that plane is due for Subang Skypark (old terminal 3)

Oops, the first link is this!
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Also, a lot of the credit goes to civilians and civil societies, some with outright pakatan affiliation, but many of them don't. It's actually funny because quite a few of them have cooled on being so partisan while others went into the other direction, in part due to domestic politics of the last decade and how the pakatan state govts have been like.
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while state govts are being formed... and unformed (i'm tired, i want a nap), some light entertainment for you: (links in Malay; I'll paraphrase)

Najib Razak (1 hour ago): 'My family and I will be travelling overseas to rest/recover from the elections'

Immigration Dept (1 hour ago): 'Just wanna confirm, Najib and Rosmah (wife) has been blacklisted from leaving the country'

Najib Razak (55 minutes ago): 'Right, so we're blacklisted. We abide by Immigration's instructions.'

[anyway, yes, indeed, we are that part of the world where FB is the internet]
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I can't believe he didn't have some contingency plan to secretly disappear the moment Mahathir became PM
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The fact that UMNO's 72nd anniversary celebrations was yesterday might have something to do with it....

Anyway they'll be announcing the cabinet today apparently.
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For me anyway, because its tickling me half to death that they have to be in a council along with Zeti Akhtar Aziz and Jomo Kwame Sundaram. Economic ideology death match in that council.
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There have been many many pieces of news and it's not over yet I want to take a long nap, especially since it's Ramadhan. But anyway: Pakatan's one week in government.

And that was yesterday's news, literally. Today: New MACC chief breaks down in recounting what he went through (full story)

Needless to say, popcorn shares must be going through the roof. Newspapers are actually selling out.
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