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The 2000s brought us electronica keyboard/guitar duo Sub Level 03, for a couple of years one of the biggest musical acts in the furry fandom. I first encountered their third album, 2005's EP Touch Of Pink [full album, ~30m]. Associated videos: The Illusion Of Me, Touch Of Pink, Return To Paradise

Their debut was the dark, moody Music For Dogs [full album, ~45m] 2002.

2004's excellent follow-up Elements Of The Paw has not much online presence.. Here are a few associated videos: Trials, 2nd Best, Elements Of The Paw

Their final album was 2008's Undercover [~1h40m], which is a double-length release made up one album of covers and one album of original material.
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NIN and Depeche Mode and Pink Floyd are all brought to mind with their material. They are also utterly themselves. Enjoy!
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And VAST and Type O Negative and Shriekback and Current 93 and Nitzer Ebb.

I don't really know the mapping of this music to Furry topics but this is very... Satisfying.
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They were a band that played pretty much exclusively at furry conveiontins in the mid 2000s. That's the mapping.

I find their music also very satisfying.
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I feel like the first link, to furwiki, pretty well explains the connection:
Sub-level 03 is a two-person band, Lennox (Wolff) and John (Togosleddog), based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, that creates music inspired by and for the Furry Fandom but maintains a broad appeal to all audiences.

They have furry names, their first album was called "Music for Dogs". Their label is "Four Paws Records and Publishing." Wolff has helped run furry conventions.

They were part of the community is at least a big part of the connection. I'm not really savvy enough to know what kinds of themes would really mark a piece of music as furry-specific, also I'm terrible at listening to lyrics in general, so *shrug*.
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