Bus-size jade boulders found in Guatemala
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Bus-size jade boulders found in Guatemala Great NY Times story [Google'd here] of archeologists tracking down a mother lode of translucent blue jade after it was exposed by a hurricane. The vein solves the mystery of where the ancient Olmecs got the jade for beautiful carvings like these. Olmec civilization, famous for its colossal stone heads, is itself considered something of a mother lode for later Central American peoples like the Maya. Meanwhile, some scientists in Guatemala are digging up things that are much less fun than jade.
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there's nothing more annoying than finally getting your dissidents all buried only to have some forensic anthropologist dig them all up.
posted by quonsar at 10:21 AM on May 27, 2002

Ancient Jade carvings found in China 8000 BC. Connection? Just kidding. In case your buying heres what Olmec Jade figures cost at Sothebys.
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That's going to make some lucky young woman a lovely ring.
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