Big Business vs. the little guy.
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Big Business vs. the little guy. After you read the story, go check out the Website of the pig farmer. The only question I have is: Can they find a Judge who doesn't golf?
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Uncle PAUL!
You know, I'm tired of these people, that think their rich lifestyles is all that matters. We should all link the page and ask people to donate in, for a good cause, it will raise your ranking with god +5 and will give you +10 int as well as cha. I'm serious.
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This is akin to people moving in next door to an airport that's been there for 40 years... and then complaining about the noise.

Fsck 'em.
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According to cnn, they knew the odor was an issue when they started building the course. And they went ahead and built it. Now they're suing? Whomever did the due diligence for the golf club's investors didn't do a very good job.

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I agree with you guys: in this case, the farmer is totally right and the golf course people are totally wrong.

However, everyone should look carefully at cases like this, because there are a couple of corporations that run subsidiaries named things like "Uncle Joe's Family Farms". These corps move into residential rural areas and set up huge pig farms with lake-sized sewage pits. As you can imagine, the people who had lived there happily for years get a little upset about these reeking pig factories. For this reason I was suspicious about this story, but having followed all the links, I believe you're right and the golf course are the morons here.
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