72nd Annual Tony Awards
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2018 Winners- Catch up on the performances from last night's 2018 Tony Awards! (many YouTube links ahead) posted by Bibliogeek (25 comments total) 9 users marked this as a favorite
[One deleted. Sorry, I know it's mentioned as a footnote in the post, but re DeNiro / "fuck Trump," we have had non-stop Trump discussion for a couple of agonizing eons years now, so even though yes, this is a thing that happened, and it's sort of related to the Tony Awards, let's not make this another Trump thread, please. If you want to discuss how Republicans, Fox News, and so on will spin it or whatever, it's better to do that in the current US politics thread. ]
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Of course students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas needed to have a platform. And that's the perfect song.

I've heard that the bulk of the activist kids from Marjory Stoneman Douglas were in the drama club. Which explains so much about how they've been able to do so much to get the movement...moving. Trust me - you do not want to piss off a drama club kid.
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> *apologies in advance if these videos are not available in your country*

They're not available anywhere outside the US.
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The local 11 o'clock news recapped saying Josh and Sarah opened with a simple song celebrating the winners... the song was explicitly about the losers. As a group of glittery elites they generally do a pretty good job of recognizing all the drama kids in the world that just love to sing across the country and world. SpongeBob was robbed(not).
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I enjoyed the Carousel performance, although some of the timing seemed a little sloppy. I love Justin Peck's choreography, and I love Amar Ramasar, and I loved the wave!!!!!
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humuhumu - I feared that might be the case. I'm actually in Germany, but using a VPN to watch YouTube. Hopefully a 3rd party will soon upload them on a channel that will let other people watch them!
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That they can find the time to televise performances from shows not even nominated, but not for the Best Score award or the Lifetime Achievement awards acceptance speeches is beyond annoying. It's Best Score, FFS. It's not a minor award.

I'm happy that The Band's Visit won so much; I thought it was great, but thought the awards show overall was a big snooze.
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The Band's Visit was a good musical in a year of weaker competition, which is to say that winning 10 Tony Awards is kind of a crazy fluke that I don't think would have happened in another year. But what I really can't believe is that Tony Shalhoub somehow beat Joshua Henry for best actor. Henry's Billy Bigelow was a revelation, whereas Shalhoub's Zakaria was good but a little one note.

I was also a little surprised Carousel didn't win best revival, although Once On This Island was definitely a good show.

Angels in America deserved every award it won.
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Oh, the opening number was way more adorable than I thought it would be. Yeah, it starts out with a winking "yay for the people who didn't win, yeah it sucks to be us sometimes" joke, but then went off on a "but yay for art and that's its own reward" tangent which always gets me in the feels.

And the adding all the ensemble members was a fantastic touch - there's been some recent debate in the theater community about how the TONYS should have a "Best Ensemble" category alongside the singled-out actors and actresses, because the ensemble singers and dancers are indeed total bad-asses who've had lengthy careers and are often the very backbone of a show, but aren't getting any recognition whatsoever.
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I love Sara Bareilles and like Josh Groban ok, but I found them to be major snores as hosts. Their "look at us, we're geeky theater kids like you" shtick was cute, but I couldn't help comparing them to NPH in my head.

The #TonyDreaming photos of regular people in their high school theater productions were a nice idea - we really are the core audience for this sort of thing.

Also, just a few weeks ago, we took our daughter to see Spongebob for her 10th birthday, and it was honestly one of the best performances I've ever seen -- clever and funny, with fantastic singing and dancing, and really inventive design. I'm not saying it should have won more, but it was definitely nominated on its merits.

I love the idea of a "Best Ensemble" award - don't know why they don't do that.

I legitimately teared up during the Stoneman Douglas performance, even if my initial reaction was "oh god not this fucking song."
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Spongebob certainly was robbed for Sound Design at the very least.
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Something about the juxtaposition this year of how terrible and cruel we can be as a country and how much beauty and goodness we can create when we try...well, it's a good thing I was watching it all alone. Watching talented people be talented makes me weepy in general, so I basically just sat on the couch and slowly leaked all the moisture from my body out my eyes.

I love Sara Bareilles and like Josh Groban ok, but I found them to be major snores as hosts.

I thought they did a pretty good job. Charming and entertaining. B+. Much better than whatever the hell this was, with Hugh Jackman, but I don't think anybody will top NPH 2013 in my lifetime.
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Thank you for compiling these; I always like watching the Tonys for the performances, but the weather meant I had no CBS reception last night!
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I don't think anybody will top NPH 2013 in my lifetime.

Yeah, that was performed by the superhuman NPH (I still can't figure out how he pulled off that magic trick, and the jump through the hoop is a jaw-dropper) and written by the equally superhuman Lin Manuel Miranda, so it was pretty special.
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I still can't figure out how he pulled off that magic trick

The back of the box is curtained (you can see it when they rotate it); immediately upon entering the box he trustfalls out the back into the dancers, who then visually shield him as he sprints stage left while the spotlight is still on the box. That's why he's audibly gasping for air when he starts the Newsies bit; he's out of breath because he had to run full tilt to cover about sixty meters in six seconds.
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Re: ensemble members! In the 2013 bit, there's a newsie they show several times, including I think when he says "you'll get a newsie in your gift bag when you go!" He's also the ensemble member directly between Josh Groban and Sara Barreiles while they are singing - his name is Jess LeProtto, he was on SYTYCD a few years ago and I guess he's bouncing from dance ensemble to dance ensemble. It made me smile when I saw that he was there.
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Both of my kids are dancers, and we are huge SYTYCD fans. We got to meet Jess after a performance of Newsies back in 2013, as well as Evan Kaspercyzk and a few other alums who were in the cast. Jess couldn't have been nicer, and I'm thrilled to see that he's continuing to be successful. He's in Carousel now.
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The incredible and should-be-more-well-known Shaina Taub co-wrote the opening number.
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I had no idea Shaina Taub wrote the opening number. Good for her! And you're right, she should be more well known. Her music for The Public's experimental production of As You Like It for Shakespeare in the Park last year was delightful, and her shows at Joe's Pub are a lot of fun.
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I only care about Broadway on Tony night, and seeing that the nominated new musicals included Frozen, Mean Girls, and SpongeBob SquarePants did nothing to change that. I liked the song from The Band's Visit, though.
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WTF Neil Patrick Harris!!
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I'm having to take my time watching this so I'm still not done but I just want to point out that in at the presentation of Best Play there were four openly gay men standing in front of a national television audience and the world utterly not only did not end but felt like there was goodwill and Pride was amazing yesterday because my husbear and I ended up helping march the giant Pride Flag that opened the parade though downtown Spokane and despite there being a lot of wind and rain the crowd was truly large and the entire thing was great and then this on the Tonys and it was utterly not remarked upon but Here I Am Remarking Upon It because goddamn, 10 years ago that would have never have even happened.
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NPH apologises.
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NPH apologises.

As well he should have. That was tacky as hell. Even if he didn't know who she is, then he just comes off as picking on someone young and less experienced.

Also, how does Neil Patrick Harris not know about the person who created, produces, and stars in a musical on TV?
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