Feeling Low? Time to Get Happy
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Do you feel low? Worn down? Discouraged? Maybe you need a break. Maybe you need a lot of breaks. Here are 25 ways to feel happier in the next 5 minutes because we all could use a little happiness. No good? Perhaps 14 ways to get through tough times is a better fit.

Do you feel stressed out? Consider 40 ways to relax in 5 minutes or less. Stress makes everything harder, including eating well. If cooking feel likes a chore, try one of these 31 healthy meals you can make in 10 minutes or less. Too busy for that? Perhaps 7 recipes you can make in 5 minutes will do the trick. Or 13 speedy breakfasts or 11 speedy lunches.

What's that you say? You are alone and need a hug? This series of posts suggests some solutions (spoiler alert: cats are good). Oh wait, you may not be alone but you feel lonely? Lots of us feel lonely. That's no fun. Here is one writer's solution, and here are 25 things to do when you feel lonely to help you feel better. Take care!
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Re the first bullet point in the first link: I have spent the last three hours putting together a pride workout playlist, and at this point my face hurts from smiling so much. I recommend googling various permutations of "best pride songs" etc. and have a dance party. Less grar, more gay.
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Similar to your pride playlist, nu-disco is the best workout music IMO (I learned it from some famous bodybuilder but I forget exactly who.) Gotta get pumped when listening to some happy tracks! Less angry shouts, more rhythmic pelvic thrusts!
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And here's video of a great talk by Austin Kleon (author of Steal Like an Artist) on "How to Keep Going," subtitled "10 ways to stay creative in chaotic times"...
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I recommend googling various permutations of "best pride songs" etc. and have a dance party.

I would be up for sharing happy playlists on Spotify or what-not, if anyone else is up for that?
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How to stay sane if Trump is driving you insane: advice from a therapist (I am still struggling to practice the recommendations in this article.)
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I looked at this post and reflexively said "oh, this is a very good thing". So thank you.
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I really needed this post today. thank you!
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What a great compilation! Thanks for putting this together.
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Thank you for this!
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What a joy you are. Thank you. I’m actually too sad to do any of this tonight, but tomorrow, I promise.
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This is great, thank you.
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Cooking rice noodles in a boxed soup is a totally genius fast meal, that I would never have thought of myself, so thank you! (I get hung up on not wanting to buy miso or all the stuff for pho.)
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I wanted to come back and thank you for this post. Today I ended up repurposing leftover chicken for the Greek yogurt chicken salad sandwich recipe from the speedy lunches link, and it did indeed make me happy. And now I want to try that soup Squeak Attack pointed out, too.
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In terms of musical genres that can make you grin, try electroswing ... here's a fun explanatory video and here's another fun video from Caravan Palace.
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(Also if you dig the "fun explanatory video" link above, everyone hounded him to do a full version.)
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