Queer Love In Color
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A celebration of being black and in love. As a visual journalist, I believe pictures can connect with people in a way that other forms of media can’t. To this end, I decided to give a gift to my younger self: the imagery of queer love I’ve never seen.
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This is a #HopefulSummer post! Take a gander at the MeTa thread and browse other hopeful and heartwarming posts through the tag.
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Yaaaaaaaay representation! Great post title and timely topic for Pride Weekend.
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So gorgeous. Beautiful families together are extra powerful these days.
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I love everything about this, including the narrator’s occasional personalization.
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God, this makes me so happy. I'm glad this got posted and I stumbled across it.
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Oh thanks for this! It's been a day of reading about various forms of toxic masculinity for me, as well as one Medium-recommended article (seriously, Medium? Your recommendation algorithms need tuning!) calling for the end of the sexual revolution and the return of religious/government/community control over our sex lives. WTF, it's Pride month! And it's about to be Pride Weekend here in San Francisco!

This was a wonderful and much-needed balm to the anxiety of stupidly filling my head with stupid and toxic articles today.
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And for more pictures, Nick and Dom Spence's Instagram. Loving these photos and stories about couples.
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