Quietly, by hand
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Need 8 minutes to calm down? Watch a short, quiet, idyllic video of Li Zikai building a cat-shaped brick-and-clay oven from scratch. (slfb video)

she has other videos on her facebook page of her doing equally as peaceful activities such as preparing for new year's with calligraphy and a meal, harvesting vegetables, or building and installing a sink vanity from reclaimed wood (no power tools involved).
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That was lovely. Thank you!
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That was really neat. A little piece of me died seeing those bricks thrown around - traumatic memories of nice new bricks broken in half - but I guess I can't argue with the results!

Now I'm hungry for fresh-from-the-oven bread.
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I follow their youtube channel, always great relaxing videos uploaded. I think I read somewhere they're a form of Chinese propaganda, meant to idealize rural life and such for those stuck toiling away in the grundle of capitalism. I think that's an interesting element to these videos but ultimately they're just fascinating to watch, something about ambient, purposeful, rewarding labor is satisfying to watch. Maybe it's that 99% of the labor we do in our daily lives is so abstract, has little connection between the work and result, and honestly most of the time is entirely useless, unnecessary, or increasingly destructive.
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Really nice. I shared on my Facebook page, because it is full of horror and outrage about all the horrible and outrageous stuff going on and I think we all needed a little break (and probably a hug).
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I've been watching a lot of Mike Haduck videos in spite of I'm probably not making any of these things.
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What was the purpose of the glass bottles in various locations of the construction?
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codacorolla, it's for insulation! "Cob oven" is a great search term to use if you're looking for more examples or you want to find instructions. actually i'm going to add that to the tags, thank you
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I think I read somewhere they're a form of Chinese propaganda, meant to idealize rural life and such for those stuck toiling away in the grundle of capitalism

Oh, so like HGTV? (kidding, kidding...probably not tho). If anyone reading speaks chinese and could give me some more information about where in china this is, or the farm setup (it seems like other people live in other buildings all within this walled structure) I'd really appreciate it! Extremely fascinating, even if it's not a completely accurate depiction of rural life. (of course its not, not nearly enough poop)
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I love it that she gets her plans off of the internet.
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"What did you do today?"

"I baked some bread!"
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