The "duh" in Fundamentalism:
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The "duh" in Fundamentalism: Jaime Wright's "The Philosophy Of The Bomb". Please scroll down to Essays, Rants, Etc...
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Please scroll down to Essays, Rants, Etc...

And prepare to go blind... Talk about your 13 point Illegible.
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I tend to have a problem with people who disregard the content of a site simply because it doesn't look like '' or whatever. For everyone with a scroll button on the mouse, just use ctrl/scroll up and you should find a comfortable font point.
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I had no idea you could do that--thanks. And it is quite the article, too, now that I can read it. (Sort of--I'm losing my ability to read fine print.) The analysis of what is terrorism is not without merit.
posted by y2karl at 9:21 PM on May 30, 2002

Who set us up the bomb? A good essay/study of the roots of modern fundamentalism and it's connections to domestic terrorism. As I am wont to repeat:

I particulary liked the reference to fundies looking to some "perfect" time in the past as a reference to how society should be today. Spot on.

I also liked the references to those who wish to facilitate some cataclysmic event in order to "bring Jesus back." Crazy people!

Probably the worst thing about fundies is the control they now exert at the highest levels of government in the US today. Think Ashcroft.
posted by nofundy at 6:06 AM on May 31, 2002

Considering that Ashcroft and his fundamentalist ilk hold so many responsible positions in the current administration, and considering that in most normal people's opinion, fundamentalists are total and complete lunatics completely divorced from reality, I'd say that things are purring along pretty well. If ever the Bush administration had the opportunity to trigger the war that ushers in the End Times, they had it on 9-11. If ever Ashcroft had an excuse to clamp down on freedom with draconian restrictions, he had it on 9-11. Yet these craze-balls let the moment pass. So far (considering that Ashcroft, et al, are maniacs living in a fundamentalist dream world) they have responded pretty moderately. I mean, if I was a fundamentalist with my hand on the nuclear button on 9-11, I would have screamed "This is the big one, boys!" and made the Middle East disappear under a sheet of flames.
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Direct link. I was pleasantly surprised to see the connection drawn to early 19th-century anarchists, the source of the title phrase philosophy of the bomb (especially since today, The Bomb usually means nukes, but not then). Usually the people who are this ticked off at fundamentalists will also have a strong sense of denial regarding the roots of their own politics.
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