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The 1959 film The Cry of Jazz (via Openculture) is a kind of filmed essay presaging the ideas of Black Nationalism, framed by stilted dialogue, and ending in a prophecy about the end of jazz. Written/directed by Edward Bland (NYT obit), music by "The Sun Ra."
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Such a cool film; I saw this on a lark when I was 19, it was hugely influential on me. Thanks for the post.
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The dialogue is pretty silly, but the street scenes and concert clips are mesmerizing, and the music is exhilarating—thanks for the post!
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I found this pretty amazing. My favorite part was the poodle at the pet groomer signifying the White American lifestyle.
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I thought this was fascinating. Yes some of the performances were pretty stilted, but on the whole it was very on point. Had to rewatch it a couple of times actually.
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