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Kraftwerk's live shows are known for being fairly regimented affairs, but at the Jazz Open Festival in Stuttgart, the band was joined by a special guest for a performance of "Spacelab": ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst, who is currently stationed about the ISS. (SLYT)
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My hometown!
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I don't know what I'm more jealous of: being in space or playing with Kraftwerk.
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Shaving your head in space can't be easy.
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That was great.
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Sehr Geil! Fantastiche!
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This was amazing. I'm actually crying as I watch it. Kraftwerk for me has always been about the liberatory potential of technology, and its power to connect and uplift us. The sheer ingenuity it has taken - over decades, even centuries - to make this moment possible is awe-inspiring. This video needs to be shown to every small-minded, petty creature that wants to break up our great efforts to transcend our limits. Science is great. Art is great. The nexus of art and science is greater still.
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It's adorable how deeply that "Close Encounters" note sequence is imbedded into everyone's head as "space music" now.
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A friend of mine sent me this last night, and I can't find words for how fantastic this is. When I see stuff like this, I always wonder what the original conversation sparking it was like:

"Hey, you know our song, Spacelab? Wouldn't it be cool if we could play it with one of the astronauts, like, on the space station? Let's do that."
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