Oh hivemiiiiiiind!
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Since holes don't exist, this is impossible.
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There's some excellent life advice at that link. Often when I don't know what to do next, I just start trying to combine each of my inventory items with each of my other inventory items. You'd be surprised how often that helps.

I mean, you really would be surprised since it rarely helps, but once in a while you'll put one item over another item and the little interaction icon will light up and you'll be like aha! and then it's off to the races again.
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I like that he acknowledges Metafilter's leadership in discussing being stuck in holes despite not helping him come unstuck from a hole.
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And if that doesn't work you progress to the next step:
She doesn't seem to want that.
She doesn't seem to want that.
It's not food so the gull ignores it.

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He didn't just acknowledge MetaFilter, he acknowledged ME:
There's an Ask Metafilter thread about this too, and my favorite comment there was Oneswellfoop saying how much he liked my comic The Midas Flesh and how clever it was, and how could someone that clever not be able to find his way out of a hole?
Yes, I am a total fan and supporter of his and I'm surprised he hasn't used his hole experience in a storyline in his Squirrel Girl comics (SG could get out easily, less so KoiBoi or BrainDrain). He may have included it in his time writing Jughead comics (one of the few of his works I have not acquired due to an allergy to everything Archie) or be saving it for his upcoming book How to Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveler and I wonder wistfully if my MeFi handle will appear in the book's acknowledgements.
BTW, I do recommend Midas Flesh for anyone who would appreciate mixing Greek Mythology with Lucasian Space Opera or just want to see a team up with a devout Muslim and a talking velociraptor as the GOOD guys.
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The link at the previously is broken--does anyone have a link to the original tweet thread? I kinda don't totally understand how twitter threads work and tried clicking through the tweet at the top of the article but it didn't take me to the whole business, just that aspect of the conversation.
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It was definitely “chill or be chilled.” I can sees it.
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This is completely burying the lede, the guy's dog's name is Chompsky.
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He's a computational linguist. It was either gonna be that or Sapir-Woof.
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zinful, storify is gone, but you can get the gist of it at archive.org.
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I haven't read it. Is he brave and honest and good?
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What was the suggestion that finally worked? It belongs to a protected account now. :(
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Polygon has a brief walkthrough (spoilers!)

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[pours one out for Comics Alliance]

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