Sled Dog Softness Index
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I will be ranking the sled dogs from least to most soft, on a scale of 1-10. To do this, I will use a scientific scale known as the SDSI, or Sled Dog Softness Index. Each dog’s score is based on two categories: the softness of individual hairs, and overall fluffiness.
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They're soft dogs, Brent.
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Honestly one of the best Twitter threads of all time, and much-needed today.

Also worth noting that WeRateDogs recently named only its sixth ever 15/10.
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That line about the pineapple just killed me. Great thread.
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The sled dog kennels at Denali National Park are open to the public, they let you walk in and meet the canine rangers. When you go in there is a large display with the basics on reading a dog's body language to tell if they are interested in making new friends or want to be left alone as well as some info on how to approach if you want to pet them. They're soft dogs, Brent.
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Oh those little pups. oh my heart!
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so soft, yet so far away

Blair Braverman previously (i wish we had a blairbraverman tag across all the posts, but alas)
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I have two cats, one soft (how soft? SO SOFT!!) and one sleek (how sleek? SO SLEEK!!) I really appreciate that I have to different textures to experience. I like that Braverman also seems to embrace diversity — it’s classification, not preference!
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I'm not even dog people and I want to pet them.  So much fluffy softness.
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Aaaah! I need all the soft floofy pups, kittehs, baby birds, etc. today. Today has been hard and sharp and pointy.
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I think I'm going to have to go there and pet all these dogs to verify these findings. You know, for science.

Is there a grant I can get for this?
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I have a dog who is quite soft but also very, very far along the sleekness continuum (which is good, because she has very little hair, period). She is also what we call a temperamentally soft dog, in that she does not like criticism and is sensitive to fairly minor "oh no!" things, because she cares very deeply about being a Good dog. Tribble hopes you're having a good day, or at least as good as can be expected.

Meanwhile, of the cats--oh, the softness is difficult to quantify, because desp. I have petted rabbit fur less soft and plush than my cats. But of them all, Peter is easily the most densely plush, adapted as he is to the feral Canadian winters, and Arthur Dent the most sleek. (You can see how thick Peter's hair is even on his legs here--he has hair finer and denser than even my friends' long-haired cats.) Ishka, in the middle of the pack for plushness, makes up for it by being easily the cat most determined to enjoy human contact--she will come running if I sit down to leap into my lap and demand to feel my warm human fingers.
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I was working late last night, and there were a bunch of other people still working as well that were trying to make an important deadline. They needed my help with something Fast and Right Away, but I only heard, like half of what they were saying because one of them had their dog in the office and doggo really wanted some pettings. Like, sure guys, the company's reputation and millions of dollars are probably riding on getting this stuff done and that's real important, but this dog wants to meet me so you're just going to have to wait.
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"His forehead is made of spun clouds and his ears are made of rainbows."

"Refried is 9 years old. She has run hundreds of miles with the silkiest, softest, plushest fur imaginable. She sings constantly, mile after mile, reveling in the feeling of being so soft and so strong and so kind and so beautiful and so loved."

Awwwwww sled puppers. Purr-dog is sleek and somewhat soft, but his ears are smooth velvet mixed with soft down. He also loves many tummy rubs.
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Ooooh, exactly what the day needed, and then I went back to the previously and found puppies, and YES GOOD SOFT FLUFF.
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I would love to submit our husky Freya for your consideration (but I can't because the photo only lives on my computer so I have no online address sob)
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I've started playing Undertale (a 3-year-old small indie RPG that involves much (optional?) petting of dogs) for the first time a couple days ago, and I feel like this post makes way more sense than it would otherwise.
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My experience of sled dogs is that you have to gauge the length of each one's chain exactly to avoid getting bit as you walk between them in someone's yard, while they all bark and howl. Beautiful to look at and good at their jobs, but not typically as snuggly and friendly as the ones in the photos here.
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She sings constantly, mile after mile, reveling in the feeling of being so soft and so strong and so kind and so beautiful and so loved.

This is just an incredibly beautiful sentence.
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My favorite other animal rating thread: this guy rates the foxes

There are some seriously weird foxes out there.

(Sorry for the link to the zero-value-add someone-said-it-on-the-socials site, but I'm in a hurry here and those folks SEO is 10.0)
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I approve of this post.
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