The Viruses That Neanderthals Spread to Humans
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Deep in Human DNA, a Gift From the Neanderthals. "Long ago, Neanderthals probably infected modern humans with viruses, perhaps even an ancient form of H.I.V. But our extinct relatives also gave us genetic defenses." "The two ancient hominin groups swapped genes, diseases, and genes that protect against diseases, according to a new study."
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You’re welcome.
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I really want these guys to come back.
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is it cave herpes, i thought it was cave herpes
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Don't forget Road Rage. This too is a vestige of neanderthalism.
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I thought aggressive fighty Neanderthals was part of the old unproven mythos?
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I mean first of all they didn't have roads.
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I mean first of all they didn't have roads.

I'm demonstrating my superior Cro-magnon powers of restraint by not making with the Flintstones' references.
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Why White Supremacists Are Chugging Milk (and Why Geneticists Are Alarmed)
Instead of long-discounted proxies like skull circumference and family pedigrees, according to experts who track the far-right, today’s proponents of racial hierarchy are making their case by misinterpreting research on the human genome itself. And in debates that have largely been limited to ivory-tower forums, the scientists whose job is to mine humanity’s genetic variations for the collective good are grappling with how to respond.


Already, some of those audiences are flaunting DNA ancestry test results indicating exclusively European heritage as though they were racial ID cards. They are celebrating traces of Neanderthal DNA not found in people with only African ancestry. And they are trading messages with the coded term “race realism,” which takes oxygen from the claim that the liberal scientific establishment has obscured the truth about biological racial differences.
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