A can of soup defeated a club sandwich in a cage,
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A can of soup defeated a club sandwich in a cage, is what I witnessed Friday Night. Was anyone else at the Kaiju Big Battel, at Warsaw in Greenpoint, Brooklyn? A very funny mix of Japananese monster movie, plus WWF.
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I love these guys. They've been doing this stuff for years now here in Bean-town. There was(is?) a yearly "Big Battel" at the MFA, right down the street from where I went to school. If you liked it I highly recommend checking out the videos.
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Are the students the actual "wrestlers," or do they orchestrate the wrestlers? They were doing some very impressive stuff.
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I don't believe they're students any longer. They actually are popular enough that they can do this for a living. At the couple of events I went to (when I was still in school) they did invite some people not part of the group to participate. Some did so well they stayed on...
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I'm too tired to dig it up, but we discussed these guys before. I ordered up one of their t-shirts then ("Danger Can Happen!") and love it. They threw in a Dr. Cube sticker for free.
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A can of soup defeated a club sandwich...
At first I thought this was another Lewis/Tyson link.
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Can of Beans would have kicked all their asses.
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I really wish they would come out with action figures. I would love to have such characters on my desk at work.
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Its Kung fu Chicken Soup, get with the Kaiju jargon!
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I wonder where these guys will go next. Broadway? Television? Comedy Channel? Bravo?
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OMG, that is such a hoot! I'd never heard of these guys before....but what a scream! :)
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Yes...I went to the one back in April at MassART. Les Savy Fav played a set in the ring, dressed in wrestling outfits...very entertaining. A friend of mine was a fridge of some sort back in 1998 at a previous Kaiju. That evil psycho Dr. Cube has a quite a lot of supporters here...Cube grafitti and stickers were popping up rather frequently at clubs and on sidewalks back in March and April...

Good stuff.

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