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RIP Katherine MacGregor, 93, best known as Harriet Oleson on the Little House on the Prairie TV show. Interview posted in 2012. She had an uncredited role as a mother in "On the Waterfront." Nellie offered her condolences, as did Laura. Fun fact: the character was never given a first name in the book, and was Margaret Owens in real life.
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Thank you for sharing this. I look forward to watching the interview this evening at home.
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Aw, that was my favourite show when I was a kid, and I can still hear her freak out upon learning that Percival was JOOOOOEEESH!
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Reading the post title, I can't help but hear her voice ringing in my head!

She created a truly indelible antagonist in Mrs. Oleson, a character whose unrepentant and petty villainy absolutely haunted my thoughts as an impressionable TV-watching child. And yet, watching the show as an adult, the main emotion evoked is one of pity—sadness for the fragile humanity, wretched as it is, that the actor allows to shine feebly through upon occasion.

R.I.P. to a great one.
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On behalf of my ex-wife, who was far more the Little House fan than I ever was and is not here...

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I used to watch that show largely in the expectation that Mr. Oleson would finally snap.

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Unfortunately I have a mean, insecure, petty relative who raised a daughter who behaves much like her. Both seemingly oblivious to their poor character. Much like Harriet and her daughter Nellie.
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Good night, Mama...
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It sounds like, despite the character that she played, Katherine MacGregor was a kind person.
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I attribute the show's success and enduring watch-ability to the character she ( and her screen daughter Alison Arngrim) was able to portray. How could you not hate Harriet and Nellie, and feel for Nels, and anyone subject to their nasty presence? Without her, the show could never have worked as well as it did.
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That voice was an instrument.

(Once you start seeing Mrs. Oleson's maneuverings as the work of a sort of prairie Mrs. Bennet, with Mr. O as a passive-aggressive underminer in the Mr. Bennet mold, it's hard to stop.)
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She was a wonderful actor.

I have often thought that we owe a special kind of homage to fine actors that play loathesone characters. They don’t get to bask in the often immense reflected glory and social esteem attached to a beloved and/or heroic persona others help bring to life. Yet their contribution and skill is no less than those artists.
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This slays me. She was a brilliant actor who, if the world was right and just, should have been showered with flowers and money her whole life.
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I read "Confessions of a Prairie Bitch" by Alison Arngrim (the original Nellie Oleson), and her description of how funny, kind, and such a lively actress that MacGregor was made me love her all the more for playing such a nasty character. I just love anyone who can chew scenery and make a role their own. MacGregor seems one of a kind. RIP.
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I'm sure she was a very nice person, but as a kid growing up watching Little House reruns, man did I hate that lady. Nellie, too.
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arngrim writes in the memoir that being Nellie saved her incident describes how MacGregor told the girls how acknowledging that she hated her mother made her life much easier. Arngrim claims that Melissa Sue Anderson(with whom she and Gilbert didn't click)was scandalized.
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