Not your average law firm website.
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Not your average law firm website. Powers Phillips, P.C., is a small law firm located in downtown Denver, Colorado within convenient walking distance of over fifty bars and a couple of doughnut shops. Powers Phillips is somewhat peculiar in that six of its lawyers are, to put it most politely, uppity women, who through various shenanigans and underhanded schemes control the firm. Found on Overlawyered.
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You did read to the bottom:

This homepage is intended to be a joke. Other parts of this website are also intended to be jokes. However, as a public service to enable our readers to determine whether or not they are complete idiots, we have also included a bunch of boring, serious material without a joke in sight. If you can tell the difference, you are not a complete idiot. Just to show we are not totally heartless, we will give you a little hint to help you with this test: if your eyes start to glaze over, it’s the serious, boring stuff. Good luck.

And, the link to the webmaster takes us to:

Who, doesn't link to MeFi, but at least she links to Megway...

Still, thanks for the link internal, I actually really enjoyed this site, if it wasn't a joke, they'd get my business just for the "truth in advertising" alone...
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Gak, forgot the links, webmaster and Megway
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At least there aren't demons ...
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My favorite law firm?
Morrison & Foerster LLP
Why? is their domain name.

They were/still are(?) the legal firm for several dot coms.
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According to the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory via LEXIS this is the real deal.

700 17th Street, Suite 1600
Denver, Colorado 80202-3501  
(Denver County)  
Telephone: 303-297-1900  
Facsimile: 303-293-8938  

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The key to a perfect Internet hoax/goof: Spoof WhoIs

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So damn funny. I recommend downloading all of their Bitches From Hell Reporter back issues.

From the letters section, Fall 1992:

"I appreciated receiving your Spring 1992 Reporter. However, for a Reporter it sure did lack case decisions. I couldn't find a one. Maybe there are no cases on point? Probably you should call your publication a gazette or bugle or something like that (The Bitches From Hell Bugle sounds pretty good).
--Donald L. Humphrey, Esq., BHP Minerals, San Francisco

Don, you can't fool us. The only cases you know anything about have 24 bottles in them."
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According to Newsbytes, it's a "backwards promotion". An online e-book believes it's legit. And it's apparently been written up in several minor legal publications over the years.
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From their "Who We Are and What We Do" section:

We try to undercut our tendency to self importance by making fun of ourselves. This website is one example, as is our earlier Bitches From Hell Reporter and our various firm announcements and holiday cards. Some people find our silly self mockery humorous, others find it distasteful and unprofessional. To those we offend, we apologize. Our intent is not to be offensive, but to let people laugh with us. However, this joking does not mean we are any less serious about what we do.

To me this proves their legitimacy. No satire would say this about itself. So I'm pleased as punch to go on from here believing that there are lawyers in this world who are indeed funny as hell.
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