Flasher's get thier own blog
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Flasher's get thier own blog and I'm not talking about raincoats. A blog all about Flash sites - something I needed now that I have DSL. Tell me, do all Flash sites have to use techno or house music - what ever happened to polkas?
posted by DragonBoy (3 comments total)
Geeze, my first post, and I mess up the spelling... Duh.

Their not thier. :(
posted by DragonBoy at 9:44 PM on May 22, 2000

'Salright, DragonBoy. I loved the polka site!

Flazoom looks mighty nice, and makes my dialup feel mighty slow.
posted by hijinx at 9:57 PM on May 22, 2000

Is it ironic or just amusing that Flazoom has to rely on plain old HTML to showcase Flash sites in a weblog format?
posted by jkottke at 10:01 PM on May 22, 2000

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