June 14, 2002
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What do grass, sashimi, wine corks and the pope have in common? Art cars!
posted by modge (13 comments total)
You forgot the Buddha Buggy.

More Seattle art cars.
posted by y2karl at 2:15 PM on June 14, 2002

This car isn't on the artcars.com site, but I saw it in my neighborhood in November. A Honda something-or-other completely covered in 5.25" floppy disks. Weird.
posted by starvingartist at 2:20 PM on June 14, 2002

And look who all's coming to the Fremont Fair this solstice.
posted by y2karl at 2:30 PM on June 14, 2002

I used to buy cheap (<$300) cars, cover them completely in graffiti, and drive them until they fell apart.

My last creation was a Subaru station wagon, purchased for the princely sum of $100 from an owner who thought it wouldn't make it another hundred miles. I spray-painted it flat black with two yellow stripes around its ass end, hooked a set of deely-bobbers on the hood and called it a SuBeeRu.

I drove it for a year, then when the tags were about to expire I cut the top off of it with an acetylene torch and enjoyed my "convertible".

I sold it for the same $100 I paid for it.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 2:30 PM on June 14, 2002

yay - an ArtCar thread!!

I'm currently building an ArtBus (a BuddhaBus actually) for this year's Burning Man.

My last ArtCar (WombCar) was a crappy old 1973 Pontiac that I took a Plasma cutter to and converted it El Camino style. I then upholstered the entire interior in day-glo pink shaggy funfur and lined the outside with mirrored mosaic and EL Wire. Ever since I've been hooked on ArtCars. Why don't more people do this??

The Seattle ArtCar Blowout this year is going to be the best yet! Make sure you get good seats for the Parade!
posted by Fstop at 2:44 PM on June 14, 2002

If I were to make an art car, I think I'd use old pearly and glassy buttons, and little seashells, and arrange them in pleasing patterns. Don't forget the Pez Car - not really that nifty of a design, but the step by step commentary is entertaining.

I'd love to see an art car parade, just to marvel up close at the pop culture junk and treasures that people glue onto their cars. I wonder if all the extras have a noticable effect on the gas mileage (upon preview, maybe you could answer that, Fstop ;)

Another kind of car art: A man who draws in the dirt on the back of vans and trucks.
posted by iconomy at 2:50 PM on June 14, 2002

So kind of like this, iconomy?
I found that on my ArtCar - all the extra weight had a negligible drain on the fuel efficiency, but mine was still rather aerodynamic.
posted by Fstop at 3:15 PM on June 14, 2002

I love Whip-It, from the man who brought you The Mojave Phone Booth Site. I also dated a fellow who drove a suede-coated lilac purple muscle car with the Virgin Mary of Guadelupe airbrushed on the hood. I loved that car.
posted by macadamiaranch at 5:42 PM on June 14, 2002

I've seen the Cork Truck around town. I've always wondered if all those corks were an advantage in a fender-bender.
posted by gimonca at 7:35 PM on June 14, 2002

Mmmm, ArtCars. The first time I learned that such things existed was in the Carthedral FAQ.
posted by Slithy_Tove at 10:06 AM on June 15, 2002

I had to check out the picture of the sashimi car, after getting a mental (olfactory) image of a car covered in raw fish . . . in Houston.
posted by fpatrick at 7:23 PM on June 15, 2002

The term "art car" may be a misnomer, but at least it is shorter and catchier than "worthless old cars covered in even more worthless crap."
posted by kindall at 11:20 PM on June 15, 2002

A friend and I were discussing a possible art car this weekend. When the subject of the Ted Nugent "Kill it and Grill it" thread came up, and we passed a dead racoon on the road, an epiphany occurred. How about a coon skin car? Or a Road Kill Car?
posted by gnz2001 at 9:00 AM on June 17, 2002

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