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One of the things that makes listening to the new C.K. material so painful is he hasn’t lost his talent: his timing and delivery are still there, somewhere, peeking out under all the racism and ranting about political correctness and—for some reason—anger at gun control activists. Those are pretty specific targets, actually, and C.K. tackles them with nearly the same control of his craft he had before his downfall. In other words, it would be wrong—and not giving the comedian enough credit—to think of this as a meltdown instead of a deliberate rebranding, a bid to spend his twilight years spreading hate on the Trump rally circuit.

Audio of a New Louis C.K. Set Has Leaked, and It’s Sickening / Panders to the Alt-Right

Full bootleg audio set (49:56)

Bonus: The Daily Mail's take.
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...what the pluperfect fuck did i just read
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