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"Alexis Hillyard has created a unique YouTube cooking show called 'Stump Kitchen' which showcases her love of food, alongside adaptive kitchen techniques for cooking with one hand." Stump Kitchen on Youtube.

Welcome to Stump Kitchen: A helping of humour (+ a pinch of profanity) keep this cooking series bubbling.

Alexis Hillyard, on the Sick Boy podcast:

I discovered a love for cooking and working with ingredients when I started cooking for myself after becoming vegan, and I noticed that I used my stump naturally as a kitchen tool - a juicer, a masher, as a spatula, you name it! This whole process helped me fall in love with this awesome part of myself that I had kind of forgotten about in my adulthood (yes, sometimes I even forget I have one hand!) I also swear, wear sweatpants, and don't give a shit about dropping or burning stuff!

We Hear From Kids With A Limb Difference On Cooking, Bullying And More

Hillyard also maintains a dedicated list of "Kid- Friendly (Swear-Free) Episodes."
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Her style isn’t at all to my taste, but she’s really high energy, makes kitchen activities seem possible (too many cooking shows leave out “and then your assistants do x, y, and z,” and she seems to work well with kids, which is a skill in itself. It’s well worth a look.
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