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January 1st, 2019 marks the 25th Anniversary of Zapatista Army of National Liberation offensive in Chiapas.
FB video and Magnum photos.

“We’re the product of 500 years of struggles: first against slavery in the independence war led by insurgents against Spain, then avoiding being absorbed by North American expansionism, then for promulgating our Constitution and expelling the French Empire from our territory, then Porfirio’s dictatorship denied the fair implementation of the Reform Laws and the people stood up with its own leaders".
Pulitzer: - Ghosts of Acteal and The Zapatistas: A Small, Very Small, Ever So Small Rebellion.
Five years ago activists claimed Zapatistas had influenced radical movements around the world; I saw that many of the principles, language, themes and ways of organising Occupy Wall Street had been taken straight from Zapatista philosophy.
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I never got an answer to my question in the previous post. Do people living in Chiapas support the Zapatistas? It sounds like the movement is fading away now, with Rojava, even in the midst of war, being more successful than the Zapatistas ever were.
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Indigo Girls traveled down to Chiapas several times and it was their involvement that made me aware of this particular struggle for indigenous freedom.
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Yes, people living in Chiapas still support the Zapatistas, probably at similar rates as they always have. There are ongoing autonomous communities, ongoing community organizing, overlapping organizing with eg. student and teacher strikes that were in the news more recently, as well as schools/workshops for people from other parts of the world. You just don't hear much about the Zapatistas specifically in the news anymore since it isn't new any more (an integral part of "news").
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My sister-in-law, who worked with the EZLN in Chiapas, recently published a fascinating book about the role that women played in their struggle. Aside from the concrete political gains they made, the model of organizing and social change that the Zapatistas represent is inspiring.
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