Northern Objects
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A History of Lancashire in 70 objects, including a 23ft shovelboard table, a Thomas splint, a banner from Lancashire Women Against Pit Closures, a painting of mill girls by Harry Rutherford, the world's largest pear drop and a Kindertransport diary.
A History of Yorkshire in 70 objects: Part 1; Part 2; and the objects which just missed out. Objects include Mrs Mudd's butter churn, a Suffragette dress made by Leonora Cohen, an Italian sugar bag linked to the miners' strike, children's clogs and the Skelmanthorpe flag.
A History of the North in 100 Objects, including Patti Mayor's portrait of Annie Hill, a 12 year-old apprentice weaver, and an 1817 attempt by workers to set prices for making scissors.
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Apologies: these are not the best presented webpages ever. The Lancashire Life and Yorkshire Life ones are scrolling displays and I could not work out how to link to individual objects. On the 100 Objects North page I had to use Kill Sticky to get rid of the cookie popup.
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Pretty cool! I was interested in the Thomas Splint discussed in the third link, and found a YouTube video of one being shown and applied here.
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Chorley Cakes!
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I was hoping to see the 4000 holes in Blackburn.
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These are reminiscent of the British Museum's podcast A History of the World in 100 Objects, and equally as fascinating.  I don't know know who first came up with the idea, but when organized well it's a really effective overview of a subject across time.
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I don't have the time to look through all of the links, but parkin better be in there somewhere or there's going to be trouble.
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That Kindertransport diary is heartbreaking and beautiful.
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I'm not the only one who initially read that as "a suffragette dress made by Leonard Cohen", am I?
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