He never tells you the age of the hero
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Proust is a writer whose very mention, much like David Foster Wallace, makes me irrationally annoyed ("oh you just must read it in the original French"), so it's somehow heartening that he's a pain in the ass to editors too.
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Wow, the French Shakespeare. Textual editors of both language traditions are lucky that such good writers left behind such confusing texts.
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I think Proust would have liked using a word processor.
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The challenge of editing The Prisoner is that it's the worst of the volumes and a truly discreet editor would have reduced it to about fifty pages.
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"Proust in his first book, wrote about, wrote about..."
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To be fair, the author dying before publication often makes editing difficult.
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I get the impression that all of these funny inconsistencies are features rather than bugs, reflecting his mercurial shifting impressions. (I'm not a big fan of Proust, but I might give him another try in the future.)
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