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The greatest crocheted dinosaur/fox love story of our time. Created by independent Australian filmmakers Andrew Goldsmith and Bradley Slabe, 'Lost & Found' is an adorable stop-motion yarn about a knitted dinosaur on a desperate mission to save a loved one.

Recently short-listed for possible Oscar nomination in the Short Film (Animated) category, its creators are hoping to win over the Academy with a range of pun-based movie posters. Our protagonists, Knotjira and Knitsune, are also on Instagram, where they can be seen out and about and occasionally the worse for wear.

Behind the scenes featurette.

Stop Motion Geek interviews with Slabe and Goldsmith.

The Curb audio interview with the creators (warning: mediocre audio quality).
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they're actually crocheted, not knitted

no I'm not being pedantic to cover up for crying

shut up
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I will not openly sob at my desk. I will not openly sob at my desk.

God what a dumb day to wear mascara.
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Mentioned in passing previously.

adorable stop-motion yarn

I see what you did there!
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I'm not crying you're crying.
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I cried when the fox crocheted because I thought with those two sticks, it would be them knitting.
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Oh god, this made me so sad and I wanted him to be recrocheted at the end. AND HE WASN'T.

I have a yarn-related mailing list and I was all, I can't send this out to this. I can't.
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Needs an entry in Does the Dog Die?
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This made us sooooo sad.
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I am both all sniffly about the brave sad creatures and really confused about where the outflow from the sozu bowl is.
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I wanted him to be recrocheted at the end. AND HE WASN'T.

that's the twist


lack of moral fibre
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I love the ending. I suspect I'm in the minority here, but I actually like the fact that Knotjira wasn't recrocheted (yet) at the end. If Knotjira could be instantly resurrected, that would tend to cheapen their original sacrifice. At the same time though, the ending still leaves plenty of room for hope. It beautifully knits together (pun not intended) two very different manifestations of love - grand gestures versus quiet persistence.

(I have, perhaps, watched this way too many times over the past few days. The air kisses slay me every time though).

Also, the "I, Torn Yarn" poster is absolutely brilliant.
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The posters alone deserve an Oscar.

I felt more emotion watching this video than I have in quite a while.
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