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A short visual representation of the women of the 116th United States Congress (SLNYT).

The Times did a really nice short visual piece on all but one of the U.S. Congresswomen. "Representative Liz Cheney, Republican of Wyoming, was not available to be photographed."
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This is a great collection of portraits and quotes, thanks for sharing. I was hoping for a quote or short bio from each women, particularly afterseeing Bonnie Watson Coleman, D, N.J., so striking and bald. From Insider NJ: Cancer-Free Watson Coleman Undergoing Treatment Plan After Procedure to Remove Small Tumor (Max Pizarro, October 28, 2018)
U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12) received a special rousing applause this morning at the Union County Democratic Committee breakfast.

Governor Phil Murphy led the charge for the congresswoman when she appeared – bald – at Pantagis in the middle of his speech.

The governor interrupted himself to pay homage to Watson Coleman and welcome her.

The crowd obliged.

Later, she explained that she is undergoing chemo therapy.
Back to this collection of portraits -- there are a lot of Dems present, and the page touches on that:
Recent gains in women’s representation have been unevenly split across the political aisle. While in the 1980s, Democrats and Republicans had roughly the same number of women serving, about 80 percent of the women in Congress now are Democrats.
Damn. A stark statement, following this paragraph from the page:
For most of recorded American history, political power has looked a certain way. Portraits of power call certain images to mind — those of older, white men, dressed in suits and depicted in formal settings.
I didn't realize that the Republican Party is now the party of older, white men moreso than in the past.
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I was also hoping the portraits were links for more info. Thank you for the additional information, filthy light thief.
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I made phone calls and knocked on doors for Lauren Underwood last fall because I was unhappy to have moved in to a district represented by the GOP. I cannot get enough of seeing announced and or pictures as “Congresswoman Lauren Underwood”. It is such a rush.
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From Seattle, we sent Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Pramila Jayapal, and Kim Shrier and I'm proud of these women. Go get 'em!
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i was a little emotional noticing how many women of color there were. the number was both more than i expected, and somehow still feel like not enough. we're slowly getting better representation and i'm so proud of all of them. i'm sure this is also the most non-cis-hetero-abled Congress has ever been and that's also amazing.
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