BBC follows the Bishan Otters
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Why this adorable otter family took over Singapore's streets (BBC) After crashing a British otter-fan wedding proposal, the famed Bishan Otter Family have been followed by BBC documentary cameras. Bernard "OtterGrapher" Seah has quickly become the go-to expert at respectfully tracking the Bishan Otters.

OtterWatch and OtterCity have become guardians of Singapore's urban otters, staging complex rescue operations and even diving in when a young otter found itself trapped.
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This is very relevant to my interests!
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Otterly relevant*
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I am not interested in a marriage proposal, but if it would attract curious otters, I may have to reconsider my relationship priorities.
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Lots of animals can be curious if they're in an environment where they feel safe. My rabbits and chickens are always interested in what I'm doing in their spaces. But you have to admit otters bring their own kind of cute.
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Every video of these otters on land always makes me feel like there's a rendering error
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But [the Bishan otters] have been residing in the Marina and Kallang area since a territorial dispute with their rivals, the Marina otters, in 2015.
I need to read a longform article, possibly a dissertation, about the history between these rival otter gangs.
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I need to read a longform article, possibly a dissertation, about the history between these rival otter gangs.

Personally, I'm waiting for the Broadway musical.

Lin-Mauel, here's your follow-up to "Hamilton."
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I live in Bishan! We saw the otters several times in the park a few years ago... I didn't know they moved south to the city. I wonder if it's partly because they can't get back to Bishan Park, actually, because the "river"* they would have to swim up is currently undergoing major construction works.

Kallang River is the river that runs from Bishan to Kallang and Marina, but many years ago the Bishan segment was converted into a series of large concrete drains. The construction currently taking place now is actually attempting to re-naturalize the drains to look like a river again, which is a very Singaporean thing to do: replace something real with something fake but looks like the real thing.
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A bit more about the territorial dispute, including a love story. There was also a more recent altercation, a few months ago. Some post-fight analysis here.

One thing I can't find any information about, though, is how the Marina family finally ended up in Bishan Park. Unless they went by land through highly urban environments, they would have had to traverse the entire stretch of the Kallang river while avoiding their rivals.

Anyway, all this is kind of ironic, because Singapore is currently also embroiled in a maritime territorial dispute with Malaysia.
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how much to marry the otters themselves though
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A bit more about the territorial dispute, including a love story.

From the "love story" link:
However, things are not going to be easy for this young couple. Their next task now is to find and establish a new home that must lie outside of the territories marked by the Marina and Bishan otter families.
I'm rooting for you!!
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I can't watch animal documentaries anymore because I really hate the "Will it die? It might die? It's going to die! Oh phew it didn't die" narrative that every single animal documentary director uses over and over. If I need that kind of tension in my life I'll go try and cross the street myself.

Just show me animals without the dramatic tension plzkthx.
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