District of Despair
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On a Montana Reservation, Schools Favor Whites Over Native Americans (cw self-harm, suicide)

Tribes say that discrimination by the Wolf Point School District contributes to some of their youth dropping out, harming themselves or even committing suicide. But the Trump administration hasn’t acted on their complaint.

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Thank you for sharing this, it is a hugely important issue that needs to be addressed.
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Thank you. That was hard to read.
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ACLU document
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I spent some time in Indian country in Montana around 2000, and the hostility of whites in the area towards the reservation wasn't even remotely disguised.
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Rob Osborne, who has been the superintendent of Wolf Point’s school district for the past two and a half years, said he’s read the board’s complaint three times but is not familiar enough with its contents to comment.

How the fuck are you a school superintendent who says he's read a complaint 3 times but doesn't know what the complaint says? This article made me sick to my stomach-my daughter teaches at a majority black elementary school in a very poor district and the efforts that the district makes to assist, encourage and support their students is miles above what this school district is doing for their Native students. I wish I had an answer, or even any idea what I could personally do for Ruth to support her getting her diploma.

Rage-just pure rage.
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I try to do all my charitable giving to native heavy or native only classrooms via donorschoose but it's really hard to narrow them down using the site's search, and that still doesn't do a lot to address the overall unspoken official policy throughout the US to aggressively disenfranchise native students.
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The next sentence is worse:

"I’m not going to get into this Native American thing,” he said. “All I’m trying to do is make sure all our kids have a quality education. And is there some discontent up there? Yeah, probably.”

Yeah, like it's a phase. It'll pass. What a piece of shit.
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